Monday, May 16, 2016

Black Haus is at Thrift Shop and Suicide Dollz!!

Black Haus is great and they are at 2 wonderful events Thrift Shop and Suicide Dollz!
At the Thrift Shop there are some great Jeans. Push Ripped Jeans are L$189. Included in the box are system layers and appliers for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Omega.
And there is an adorable GACHA at Suicide Dollz called Cutie Skull! There are 16 different ones. There are 6 RARES (3 shoulders and 3 huggies) and 10 Commons (5 shoulders and 5 huggies). You can take a try for only L$99.

 Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Black
Shoulder: Baby Cutie Skull number 13 Common (Huggie is number 14 Common)
Huggie: Black Bat Cute Skull number 2 RARE (Shoulder is number 1 RARE)
  Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Clear
Huggie Left: Red Bat Cutie Skull number 12 Common (Shoulder is number 11 Common)
Huggie Right: Black Tie Cutie Skull number 8 Common (Shoulder is number 7 Common)
  Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Medium
Shoulder: In Love Cutie Skull number 3 RARE (Huggie is number 4 RARE)
Huggie: Pink Bow Cutie Skull number 6 RARE (Shoulder is number 5 RARE)
 Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Dark
Shoulder: Bandana Cutie Skull number 9 Common (Huggie number 10 Common)
Huggie: Witch Cutie Skull number 16 Common (Shoulder is number 15 Common)

**I wear the Belleza body (Freya Version). I also have the EVE'olution mesh head. I have both Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to myself as they make my looks special and unique. My shape is custom. My skin, tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.**

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