Monday, May 16, 2016

Black Haus is at Thrift Shop and Suicide Dollz!!

Black Haus is great and they are at 2 wonderful events Thrift Shop and Suicide Dollz!
At the Thrift Shop there are some great Jeans. Push Ripped Jeans are L$189. Included in the box are system layers and appliers for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Omega.
And there is an adorable GACHA at Suicide Dollz called Cutie Skull! There are 16 different ones. There are 6 RARES (3 shoulders and 3 huggies) and 10 Commons (5 shoulders and 5 huggies). You can take a try for only L$99.

 Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Black
Shoulder: Baby Cutie Skull number 13 Common (Huggie is number 14 Common)
Huggie: Black Bat Cute Skull number 2 RARE (Shoulder is number 1 RARE)
  Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Clear
Huggie Left: Red Bat Cutie Skull number 12 Common (Shoulder is number 11 Common)
Huggie Right: Black Tie Cutie Skull number 8 Common (Shoulder is number 7 Common)
  Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Medium
Shoulder: In Love Cutie Skull number 3 RARE (Huggie is number 4 RARE)
Huggie: Pink Bow Cutie Skull number 6 RARE (Shoulder is number 5 RARE)
 Outfit: Push Ripped Jeans in Dark
Shoulder: Bandana Cutie Skull number 9 Common (Huggie number 10 Common)
Huggie: Witch Cutie Skull number 16 Common (Shoulder is number 15 Common)

**I wear the Belleza body (Freya Version). I also have the EVE'olution mesh head. I have both Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to myself as they make my looks special and unique. My shape is custom. My skin, tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.**

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Black Haus at The Showroom!

Black Haus has a cool cell phone Gacha called Celphie for L$99 a try at The Showroom until May 16th. So run run run and grab one or two or try for all 13!. There are 7 Commons and 6 Rares and I have all the pictures to share!

Celphie 1 RARE

Celphie 2 RARE
Celphie 3 RARE

Celphie 4 RARE

Celphie 5 RARE

Celphie 6 RARE

Celphie 7 Common

Celphie 8 Common

Celphie 9 Common

Celphie 10 Common

Celphie 11 Common

Celphie 12 Common

Celphie 13 Common

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Something New at the Gacha Good Event

Gonna Warn you this is quite a LONG post.... but it is REALLY REALLY Worth scrolling through EVERY Pose. Sami and I just could not decide form all the fabulous things that were being released at Gacha Good Event by Something New Props N Poses! SOOOO we had to show you each and EVERY one! So here are all 16 fantabulous poses!!!!
**Make sure you make it to the end we have included something to make you laugh**

 My Dance is a set of 3 Exclusive Poses for L$100.
Above: May Dance 1 of 3 (Exclusive)
 My Dance 2 of 3 (Exclusive)
 My Dance 3 of 3 (Exclusive)
 Balancing Trapeze is a Gacha Good Exclusive Pose for L$75.
Lover's Trapeze is a Gacha Good Exclusive Pose for L$100. 
I want to thank my friend, Şαm Ɗrαgσηsσuℓ (motleyforever), for taking time out of his schedule to pose with me.
 Under the Weather is a Gacha Good Event Gacha Exclusive. It is L$50 a try with 4 commons and 1 Rare. 
Above: Under the Weather 1 of 5 (Common)
 Under the Weather 2 of 5 (Common)
 Under the Weather 3 of 5 (Common)
Under the Weather 4 of 5 (Common)
Under the Weather 5 of 5 (Rare).
We wish to thank our friend, Mr. Jackson (jackson1973), for posing for us.
Karate is a Gacha Good Event Exclusive Gacha. They are L$50 a pull. There are 4 Commons and 1 Rare.
Above: Step Through (Common)

**Sweet Demi takes action and attacks Sami telling her she is just rude**
 Karate Fend (Common)

**Thugalicious Sami laughs it off with a quick block. She prepares for her own attack**
Front Kick (Common)

**Sami moves fast with a rough front kick**
 Karate Stance (Common)

**Demi dodges Sami's Attack and prepares for the next one.**
What Did You Say? (Rare)

**Demi yells at Sami "It's Not my fault that when I was a baby I was dropped in a box of GLITTER and I've been shining ever since." Sami just Laughs as she lays out a kick that connects pointing her finger at Demi on the ground "I'm not RUDE, I just speak what everyone else hasn't the BALLS to say!"

Hope you all enjoyed our little story!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Japanese Spring Garden w/ Cherished Creations

So, when I was over at Cherished Creations checking things out, like the Jessica I showed you guys the other day, this little beauty caught my eye. The Asian inspired pattern prompted me to go off exploring and I found a lovely Japanese themed sim and garden. It, like the Tiara dress, is simply stunning, so of course I had to take a few photos.

While I'm wearing the Tiara in teal (cause we all know teal is my signature color), it comes in 12 different colors, with the 5 standard sizes, and fitmesh for the Hourglass and Physique. Normally this causes issues for my body because I pack a few extra curves. Hey! A girl's gotta eat! However, I was happily surprised when the small fit beautifully with no issues. YAY, more proof positive that Cherish knows what she's doing. Don't forget about the cute selfie pose when you wear the bag to unpack your new goodies. Take a photo ladies to show us what you're working with, because I guarantee the guys will be too busy looking at the curves revealed by the back of the dress and unable to operate the camera.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Little Fantasy by Cherished Creations

So the other night I was introduced to a lovely lady named Cherish(cherishsky) and her store [CC] Cherished Creations. I fell in love immediately with both the woman and her creations and begged to be allowed to be a [CC] blogger. Fortunately for me, Cherish took pity on me and this shoot is the first of many to come!

The Jessica comes in 12 beautiful colors, many of them a gorgeous jewel tone, Fitmesh in 5 sizes, plus Venus, Freya, Isis, TMP, Physique, Hourglass and Maitreya, so you are bound to find the perfect fit! Personally, I felt drawn to a more fantasy feel while in the Jessica, but really you could wear it for a night out on the town with a handsome man at your side. Trust me, he won't be able to keep his eyes off of you, because the Jessica is designed to draw the gaze to all those yummy spots we women like to show off.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Irrie's Dollhouse is at the Gacha Garden!!!!

Irrie's is at the Gacha Garden! Gacha Garden is an awesome event with many wonderful designers. As with all Gachas you never know which one you will get for sure... but here there is something special called the Seed of Inspiration. The Seed of Inspiration is one special prize and can only be gotten if you play the Gacha 20 times! After you do it is automatically delivered to you within a minute!! Just another reason you want to go there!... Trust me I have already been there and bought tons of stuff!

Vintage Circus Time
~ L$60 per try ~
~ 100% Original Mesh ~
~ 6 Commons and 1 Rare ~
Dollhouse Circus Wagon (not pictured)
~ 100% Original Mesh ~
~ ULTRA RARE Seed of Inspiration ~

From Left to Right:
Kiss Me Booth (RARE)
Circus Ball
Funhouse Mirror
Circus Platform
Circus Ticket Booth
Sleep Over Circus Tent

Kiss Me Booth with Animated Kiss Pose is the Rare. (photo edited... I want to thank my friend, mikeoflegend (legendofmike), for giving me a kiss in the booth.)
Circus Platform has 5 poses and is a common. Below are all the poses. This is Pose 1 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 2 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 3 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 4 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 5 of 5. (photo edited)