Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dog Days Designs @ The Promenade and New Clothes from Beauty is Pain!

I have truly been enjoying blogging things that are a little off what I normally do. But sometimes it is even more fun to mix the 2 together!
So today we have some retro chic furniture from Dog Days Designs @ The Promenade mixed with a modern outfit from one of my fav stores, Beauty is Pain Mainstore.
Dog Days Designs happen to be one of the Sponsors of the Promenade Gacha Event that starts tomorrow, Wednesday October 1st!

Going to go a little backwards and start with the outfit....
This is the Fuck You Longsleeve Top in Pink. It is $95L and includes the system layer top and all the appliers you can think of.
This is the Bitch High Waist Skirt in Pink. It is $160L and includes system layer for pant and jacket, appliers for all your fav butts and a mesh insert.
And I finally bit the bullet and bought the SLINK Mid feet and what a great start for them but to be in the Araignee Platforms in Grey for SLINK Mid Feet only. They are $300L.

Now for all the furniture!
From the first Gacha, the Furniture Gacha. Each try is $50L.
We have the Mid Century Moder Chair that has 9 fabrics (shown in red) and multiple sits, Rug One Round, Mid Century Boomerang Table 1-1 (fully color changeable), Mid Century Modern Table Lamp 1 (fully color changeable and working light), Mid Century Modern Table Lamp (Rare version and working light), Mid Century Modern Ceiling Lamp (Rare version and working light).
From the second Gacha, the Clock Gacha. Each try is $50L. All the clocks can be set to any time you like.
Magenta Boomerang Clock and MidCentury Modern Starburst Clock (Rare). 

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Beachstore @ The Promenade

Today I have some fantastic things to share with you! The Beachstore has these adorable little Beach Huts in the Gacha at The Beachstore @ The Promenade. They are 50L a piece with no rares. They are either Girl-Girl or Boy-Girl PG animations. So I wantecd to showcase the animations and the beach hut plus I wanted some great photos. 
So I got my gorgeous sisserface/co-owner of Dirty Girl Dreamz/co-Owner of Dirty Little Girls Fashion Blog, MÖÕηiє ҨuαѕiмღÐღ (deka.teardrop), to pose for the Girl-Girl. And I got the sexy and talented Owner of 50 Shades of Graham, Graham Collinson, to pose and photograph the Boy-Girl. Graham is an amazing romantic erotic art photographer. You can see his astounding group of work at Graham Collinson's Flickr Page.
As I said I wanted to showcase many of the poses. And yes they are PG but can be very intense thru the eyes of photographers. So as a joint pairing you can see the full set of all pictures of the Beach Hut at Family Ties with Moonie and Demi @ Dirty Girl Dreamz Blog or Getting to Know You with Graham Collinson and Demi @ Dirty Girl Dreamz Blog or My Flickr

Thursday, September 25, 2014

WinTeRwooD @ The Promenade

Winterwood is a store that is new to me. How did I hear about them... the Promenade! I got their box and opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to find boobie girl clothes!!! So I went over to their mainstore and found they have adorable outfits! Not everything has boobie appliers, but a lot of their stuff does. They do not have butt appliers as I could tell but use a lot of mesh bottoms.

First is the Group gift. The Group is free to join.
The Elise Bodysuit in Lilac includes system layers and tango applier. 
You can find this inworld at WinTeRwooD Designs

Now for this sexy dress made for The Promenade Gachas.
This is the DejaVu Dress in the C1 Rare. These are a low $75L per try as with all Gachas they are no copy and transferrable! This includes a mesh dress in 5 standard sizes plus 1 fitted mesh, and Tango applier.
You can find them at WinTeRwooD Designs @ The Promenade

All the available colors... 6 Common and 2 Rares.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Irrie's Dollhouse & The Promenade

Today's blog is something cool and a bit different. I am going to be doing some things a little out of the normal comfort zone and seeing what people think. Not only am I going to blog clothes and all the stuff women love, but I am going to bring in some of those other items I enjoy too. Everything from home furnishings to poses to more accessories will be included with the clothing.
So to start off this is an adorable little bettie I have known for a year. You have seen her name pop up on the blog before as she is the owner of Dolphin Bay where I do some of my vintage 50's shoots, the fabulous irrie (irrie.ember). Irrie is so vintage you would swear you were in the 1950's just being near her! I love it!! She has an adorable store too called Irrie's Dollhouse. She has tons of vintage furniture and textures plus some vintage clothing (if we could have her do appliers.. hint hint... would be even better for the buxom among us).
Come check out the inworld mainstore at Irrie's Dollhouse - Vintage Shopping.

Now along with her mainstore there is an event coming up, The Promenade, that she is involved with. I, also,  have the privilege of blogging for the event. YAY! The Promenade starts October 1, 2014.  This is a Gacha event and looks fantastic! As one of their bloggers, I am getting special advanced looks at the stuff they are going to have. I will be sharing some awesome things for you to get!
A little about the event from one of the creators (an all around awesome person who has great taste in TV shows by the way), Jade Jiagu (jadeilyn) :
my self (Jadeilyn) and co-owner Allie Jiagu (alanie) are a mother daughter team. Both of us have been in SL about 8 years each, of course on different avi's along the way. We are both store owners, and designers have managed stores, malls and clubs as well as owning our own clubs at one point and time. Both of us have been host in the past and have a vast knowledge of sl experience. We started this new venture together out of our love for gacha's and the enjoyment of doing something together as a team. We want to bring some well known and loved stores to our event, but we also understand that many events only concentrates on those stores. We both agreed we do not want to do this, we both know there are so many hidden jewels out there, stores that have not been discovered by everyone yet, and stores that just want a chance to shine and show everyone what they can do. So we are proud to say we will bring you a lot of these hidden little not so well known stores to you, ones we hope every one will fall in love with.
October 1st it opens inworld at The Promenade Shopping.

So let's start this off right with a blog all about the stuff from Irrie's Dollhouse!

First are some great gifts at the mainstore!

In this photo are some of the awesome free things from Irrie's Dollhouse mainstore. 
The first 2 are group gifts. The group is absolutely free to join.
The first Item is the Vintage Curio Cabinet in Rose. This is a high quality Mesh cabinet with working door, is copiable and is only 2 prims.
The second is the Vintage Rocking Stool in Scarlet. This is high quality Mesh, 4 Sit Poses, 5 Vintage Colors,  Rocking Motion, copiable, and is only 4 prims.

*the dress and lunch pail are down below*

The open chest to the left in Brown is actually the box for the dress. I thought it was great! It is only 3 Prims.
The closed chest to the right in Flowers is actually the box for the Gacha lunchpail. This one actually opens and closes and it is only 3 Prims.

Apologies busty ladies this dress has no applier. 
The Rita Dress is free upstairs. It comes with 5 color options for shirt and bow, mesh shrug in 4 standard sizes and mesh skirt in 4 standard sizes.

Now the absolutely adorable accessory exclusively at The Promenade!
This is the Vintage Lunch Pail in Coral. It is high quality mesh and just adorable. The permissions are no copy, no mod. You can get one of these in the Gacha for $75L.

Below are all the available Lunch Pails

Monday, September 22, 2014

Beauty Is Pain!

I am thrilled to tell you we are now blogging for an amazing shop called Beauty is Pain. The owner is a sweet, sexy and sassy woman named Cнуηα Vєℓєz  (dyminbeauty). I had an awesome conversation with her the other day when at an event she made called Freaky Fridays (more on that in a moment). Beauty is Pain has some of the sexiest clothing out there... whether you are looking for an outfit to dance the poles, walk the streets, party at the club or make your partner or anyone drool... Beauty is Pain is the place to go.
Check out her mainstore in world here Beauty is Pain Boutique.

Now for Freaky Fridays. This event is awesome! It is Bi-weekly and everything is only $69Ls! Some great designers and amazing deals.
Check out the event inworld Freaky Fridays Event.

Now onto the clothing...

These items can only be found at the Thrift Shop 6.0 located here in world Beauty is Pain @ The Thrift Shop 6.0

The top is the Ready Flash Boob Top in Hot Pink and is $55L. It has the system layer, tango appliers, Brazilia Doll shirt and WowMeh appliers included.
The skirt is the Call Girl Mini Skirt in Black and it is $100L. It has the pants and jacket system layers, mesh skirt prim, and huds for just about every butt out there plus WowMeh and Brazilia Doll.

The pants in this outfit are also only available at the Beauty is Pain @ the Thrift Shop 6.0

They are the Lace Denim Jeggings in Red for $100Ls. It includes the pant and jacket system layers and about every butt applier plus WowMeh and Brazilia Doll.

The pasties are an exclusive of Beauty is Pain @ the Candy Shop.
These Glitter Mesh Shell Pasties are $130L and are, of course, mesh. You get one for each boobie! So you can wear them apart or together! Shown are in Red.

Lastly but by far not least is that super sexy boa. Available only at Beauty is Pain @ Freaky Fridays.
This is the Boss Bitch Feather Boa in Red Diamond and of course it is only $69L. 
There are 2 styles of the boa. The straight colors are version 1 and that comes behind the back and over the breast and yes it is for the busty girl! The second is the diamond style like below that comes behind the back on both sides. Both are sexy and utterly fab! 

**as always these photos have no edit minus basic crop**

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Retro Love!

I was having quite the day being a retrolicious bettie on the Knocker's sim. I found a fab little park with trailers! And I had to share. The first 2 pictures I did more photoshop work with. The ones after are the regular basics. I hope you enjoy everything from hair to skin. I do have another awesome thing to announce... I spoke with Dita and she is re-releasing the Rockabilly Bow Peeps shoes for Slink High feet that I have worn through ou tmy last few shoots of hers and all of this one. The best part... they are not a Gatcha! they are being released to purchase for $250Ls!!!
Come on down to get all these awesome things and check out the sim in world at ..::Knockers::.. Vintage Retro Fashion

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming... wait let's make that programming vintage!

Retro T.V. Ring and Retro T.V. Earrings. These sweet accessories are $250Ls each. They each have a HUD that has 24 color and texture change plus 16 Retro TV Animation FXs. These animation loops include Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, I Love Lucy, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Frankenstein and soooo much more!

The Chitty Bang Hair is $200Ls a pack. It is an adorable Retro dual bun hair with a color change bow! This is a mesh and partial sculpt hair. It comes with 5 different shades of hair with attached bow and the HUD with 8 color change options. 

The Retro Winged Sunglasses in Black & White Dots a rare in the Gatcha for $100Ls.

The Sassy Darlin' Dress is $250L. It includes Mesh dress in 5 standard sizes, 8 Color change HUD, and 2 different Tango tops (1 higher, 1 lower).

Betty Doll Sunglasses in Teal and Pink a rare in the Gatcha machine that costs $100Ls.

Starlet Suede Jacket has No appliers but is completely awesome! It is $250Ls and comes with the Mesh jacket in all standard sizes and an 8 color change HUD.

Pants from the Miss Maiden Outfit. The outfit is $250L. The pants from the photo are system layer with cuff add ons. They have the Skelty hands on the bum!

The Monroe Essence Skin in Mocha is $950Ls. All the pictures here have the Monroe skin in both Natural and Vintage options for Mocha. The Skin includes 6 skin tones, 1 natural makeup, 1 vintage makeup, 4 brow shades, 4 brow shapers, cleavage and no cleavage options, eyes, modifiable shape, SLINK hand and feet Appliers, Tango Appliers, Phat Azz Appliers, and WowMeh Applier.

The outfit is called Lusty and was the  Hunt for Your Inner Slut hunt gift.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

ΩOmegaΩ... what is it and does it work?.... Plus the First Omega Big Tent Event

Now I am going to use some of Omega's very own words to help explain it.

ΩWhat is Omega?
Omega is what it's name stands for, the last. Omega is the last ever applier system needed. The people at Love-N-Lust got tired of having to create almost a hundred appliers, and created a system grid wide to allow use of almost all appliers, as long as they were full textures and not partials, for as many mesh enhancements as possible.

Now this sounds great, but does it work and how much do you have to invest. So I did the foot work. I have the Ghetto Booty, the Cutie Booty and the Phat Azz butts along with Pushups, Tangos, Mirage and Venus breasts. What has been the case with all the butts minus Phat Azz is notecard conversion. So any who have the other kinds be it Brazilia to Banned know this one. Well omega does the same thing... the difference is you have to buy a script if your butt doesn't have the Omega system already in it. The script is $99L. Simple drag and drop. Once you are Omega scripted your butt now works with all Omega appliers. I have always used Lolas boobs until this new incarnation of fitted mesh and I had to go with Sinful Needs... they will be featured in the next blog... Sinful Needs already has something like the Omega system in the Venus breasts where they can use all appliers.
So far I like the idea of one unified applier system and they have conversions for just about every type of mesh body part and body you can imagine in the main store.  
This unified applier system would save the consumer on having to look to see if their item was covered. For Designers it would save you time and money; instead of multiple uploads, multiple appliers and buying all the products to get them. And FYI Developers kits are only 1L!
You can find the mainstore here: Love-N-Lust Designs Home of The ΩOmegaΩ

So onto the next item The very first Omega Big Tent Event.
Taken directly from Omega's website:
Omega Big Tent September 12th
I am proud to announce that we have a set date for the Omega Big Tent Sale! Finally after all that hard work and motivation from our loving supporting fans we have gotten the tent filled up with designers who are Omega-Friendly! We are starting the event on at 12 am slt on Friday, September 12th, and it will be ending on September 14th at 11:59 pm slt!

I am so excited for this event because our intent of the event is so that all of our supporters can find out about all of these amazing designers who are Omega-fied. I know how hard it is to find clothing for bodies or other mesh enhancements, that is why we are here to help you all out and get you here with us at this event!

On the day of the event the landing point on the sim will be shut off, and you will be able to direct teleport to the tent or if you want just walk around the sim and check out all of the stores we have out on the sim! This is your playground as much as ours!

Let us make our home here with Omega and get the word out about Omega and this event! Let's all make our lives a little bit easier!

I know alot of designerts are a bit bummed out that the first weekend of the tent it is full. Do not worry, after this weekend it will be alot bigger which means you will be able to put yourself in the event as well.
Contact Deadlyhoney Serenity, or R0sath0rn Resident for an application to join us in the Omega Big Tent Sale.
We do not turn people down, as long as you have omega appliers in your designs you will be welcomed to join us in being a designer at the tent!
The direct Teleport is here: ΩOmegaΩ Big Tent Event

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Retro Glam from Knockers

Knockers has some more awesome new releases that I had to share!
You can find these and so much more in world  at ..::Knockers::.. Vintage Retro Fashion!

This is the Greta Flair Dress with the Punk Up Bettie Hair. Each is $200L. 
But here is the great thing... the Greta Flair Dress in Red with Blue trim is the September Group Gift. The group is $50L to join, but well worth it for the awesome gifts. Plus in past notices there is a special group only gift... Knockers made 1000 group members and Dita celebrated giving awesome Vegas HotRod Hoop Earrings!

Now for what you get with each of these.....

Greta Flair Dress... System top, Tango Applier, Mesh Skirt (5 standard sizes and fitted mesh sizes), and Mesh Bolero Top (5 standard sizes and fitted mesh sizes).

Punk Up Bettie Hair is rigged mesh. There are 5 different shades in each pack and 4 different Skelly Bow Hair Clips... These clips are awesome and can be worn with other hair!!! Also the bow and hands change color, texture and shine!!!

The Greta Flair Dress in the Group Gift Color and Close Up of the Punk Up Bettie Hair with Skelly Bows.

The Vegas HotRod Earrings are complete color, texture and shine change. 
Lastly... I don't EVER post non boobie clothing, but I could not pass this up. This is the Peek-A-Boo Dress in Red Skelly. It has a fitted mesh version so i can still have curves and some boobs. The dress is adorable! it is $150L and comes with 5 standard sizes and 1 fitted mesh. Remember there are no appliers for this dress!
**you will notice I have a skelly bow from the above hair on with this hair as well**

**Remember  I do very little to no editing on all photos**