Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

As promised all items from Knockers at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair going from now until the 23rd.... 
A special thank you going out to my sl hubby, Logan, for dressing up and being photographed. 
Special thanks again to  irrie Langer (irrie.ember) the owner of  Dolphin Bay for letting us shoot the last 4 shots there.
And an extra special thank you thank you thank you to Emilie Muggins the Stepford Sheriff/Manager and all the residents of this quaint little town for welcoming us and allowing us to shoot there. The town is simply adorable and has some amazing views.... but I should warn you, this is an RP town of the much darker variety. Just be wary, if one of the residents mentions having you for dinner. Otherwise, take a trip into a darker side of SL and visit the Town of Stepford.... someplace not so innocent
As a side note... the first outfits and the town of  Stepford will be featured on our sister blog of the naughty variety , Dirty Girl Dreamz, in the next week.

The first 4 outfits are very special and absolutely adorable.... For the first time Knockers has released men's Retro & Rockabilly fashions!

Date Night - His and Hers editions.
Hers comes with Mesh Dress and 8 texture Hud, Stilettos with 8 texture Hud and 8 Tango Appliers (one for each of the textures). This is a steal at 300L!
His comes with Mesh Jscket with an 8 texture Hud, Mesh Shirt with Tie with an 8 texture Hud, Mesh Pants, Socks and Dress Shoes. Sll the mesh is in the 5 standard sizes. And all the textures match the Hers. This is an awesome deal for only 350L.

Next up are 3 James Dean Rebel style looks for him and her.
Rockabilly University Bolero Jacket for her is an adorable long sleeve half cut jacket in 8 colors and it doesn't need appliers as it sits around the mesh boobs! This cutie comes with the 100% Mesh Jacket with 8 texture Hud for 350L.
SkeleGrip Bodice for her comes with 5 standard size Mesh Bodices with an 8 texture Hud and 8 tango appliers. This is the most adorable little outfit and I love it! It is a great deal for 350L.
Greaser for him is a 100% Mesh Jacket in 5 standard sizes. The quality and detail is a wonder that any man would enjoy. This jacket is a dream at 350L.

Nautical Pinup comes with 2 tops (bow and no bow). 2 Pants (anchor and no anchor) Tango and Phat Azz appliers and a Hat (not shown) all for 150L!

The Donna in Cherries comes with 6 standard sizes of Mesh Dress and Tango applier for 150L.
Also this month's group gift is The Donna in Moustache!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I am so happy the Rockabilly Fashion Fair started November 3rd and goes til November 23rd. One of my favorite Rockabilly and Retro fashion store is, of course, Knockers and they are there! My next posting will have even more stuff from the fair but here is a tease....
I wish to thank irrie Langer (irrie.ember) the owner of Dolphin Bay for allowing me to shoot on her awesome 1950's RP Town sim. It was a lot of fun and the people are great. Go check them out!

Peggy Lee Dress
This is a Mesh dress in 5 sizes with a Tango applier for 250L.
Get this exclusively at Knockers @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

The next 2 outfits can be found here at Knockers Mainstore.

Summer Sweet-Tart in Yellow. 
Comes with Top, Capris, Cuffs, Flowers for one or both sides of your hair, and appliers for Tangos, Lush, Lolas 2.5, eCorp, Boobs and MCI all for 150L.

His Girl Friday in Blue. 
Comes with a Mesh skirt in 4 sizes, Top, White gloves and Colored gloves, 40's Pill Box Hat and appliers for Tango, Lush, Lolas 2.5, eCorp, Boobs and MCI all for 200L.

I'm Back! and I have an adorable outfit from Pink Sugah!!!

Today Is the start of another round of Going Bust exclusively at the Cleavage sim. This round goes from November 7th thru November 11th. You can get some amazing deals from some great creators. Like this amazing outfit called Move by Pink Sugah.. 
It comes with all 3 colors (Blue, Pink and Yellow) f the shirt, shorts and socks plus appliers for Tangos/Lush/Evo, Lolas 2.5/Eboobs and Mused plus appliers for both Brazillia and Phat Azz. You get all this for 97L!
You can find this exclusively at Pink Sugah @ Cleavage!

If you want to complete this look, the adorable little sneakers are by Urban Bomb Unit aka UBU called 
PornStar Lo-Tops. They are fully customizable with many colors and patterns to choose from and each piece can be different and unique as you are!.They are sold exclusively on the marketplace for 295L
You can find them at UBU on the Marketplsce!

My hair is from another of my fav hair stores, Magika Hair. They are a great store for mesh hair, but as always make sure you try it on as they do not make special hair for boobie girls. This hair is called Early and comes in 3 sizes (S,M,L) with a Hud in 1 of 3 color packs. All these colors and more are included in her Hud for pack 1 for 250L.
You can find this at Magika Hair

A Special thank you to Hard Rust for allowing me to take all these pictures at the Hard Alley Reform School located in Second Life's Original Sin, Hard Alley! When you get a chance go check them out...