Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 Amazing Events with Pink Sugah!

My favorite store Pink Sugah is part of 2 awesome events. 
The first is Grenade Free Wednesday.... Every Wednesday they offer one of their awesome sets for half price!
The second event is sponsored by and awesome and amazing woman, Leanna the owner of the sim Cleavage. Cleavage is a sim devoted to prim boobie girls in fashion and poses! The event is called Going Bust and starts this Thursday!

The Super Sexy Grenade Free Wednesday Deal

These sexy dresses are by .::Pink Sugah::. called (S)aint Dresses in pastels for Grenade Free Wednesday on Wednesday 1/30/13 at the Jersey Shore Location only. You get all three of these dresses for half price 49Ls. All of these dresses come on all layers and have both common and Tango/Lush appliers.
You can find them in world at: .::Pink Sugah::. @ Jersey Shore

The Exclusive Going Bust Event Dresses at Cleavage

These flirty dresses are by .::Pink Sugah::. called Midnight Dresses in Neons is a Going Bust Exclusive. All three of these sexy dresses come together for  99Ls starting Thursday 1/31/13 for the going Bust Event. You get all 3 dresses on all layers, Tango/Lush applier and 2 satin belts (1 black and 1 white).
You can find them in wolrd at: .::Pink Sugah::. @ Cleavage

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shape, Skin and Outfit!

I decided to do a big post for hump day. We start with Moonie's friend, the sexy LyLi, owner of Poisoned Apples. I have reviewed her nails previously and today we have an amazing shape that she is just releasing with the launch of her long awaited in world store. Congrats on your new store LyLi! Then we have the beautiful and multi talented Ariah. Not only is she a fellow porn star and boobie girl but she is also the owner of Bazookas, talk about some skills!
Also, I wanted everyone to know I do very little editing to these photos just some minor edgework so there isn't all the pixelation and then just make all the colors pop. Otherwise what you see is what you get from every outfit, skin, shape or anything. We want you to see what you are getting not our photoshop skills... If you want to see the photoshop skills visit our porn company's blog: Dirty Girl Dreamz Blog. Kisses, licks and Nibbles from Demi

Up Close of Shape and Skin with Tangos Breasts added plus the Skin applier used

The Shape with no modifications with the natural breasts and Skin

The Shape is by [PA] Poisoned Apples called Divinity for 99L no mod and 350L mod. There is also a free demo to try her out. This is an adorable shape very sexy and sassy. The shape unmodified has nice round natural breasts. Modified you can make it perfect for your prim/mesh breasts. She has lots of soft curves with an upturned pout. 
you can find this at her brand new in world store at: [PA] Poisoned Apples

The Skin is by :.::Hot Stuff::.: called Nuria w Tango/Lush Applier it is their 900 member group gift. The group costs a mere 10Ls to join and gives you access to a ton of group gifts that have tango appliers included plus a group only mm board. This is a beautifully crafted skin with a touch of eye makeup and pale lips perfect for if you want to add makeup layers or wear without. 
you can find this item in world at: :.::Hot Stuff::.:

The Hair is by .ploom. called Flip in Candy 250L... this is a non rigged mesh hair so you can actually move it to fit right
you can find this item in world at: .ploom.

The Outfit

The Outfit is by Bazookas called BlackLace Bodysuit for 200Ls this gorgeous full lace bodysuit comes with a shirt and pants layer and Tangos, Lush and common appliers. I simply adore this sexy outfit. I added some pussy tape to cover and spent my day feeling super sexy wearing this. One of the things I always pay attention to is how lace and seams match up on clothes cuz I am a perfectionist and I have to say Ariah did such a great job on the applier that the lace looks like it belongs and isn't distorted by the breasts.
you can find this item in world at: Bazookas

Up Close of the Boots

The Boots are by NOYA called ECLAT - Black Leather Knee Boots - for 250L. these are rigged mesh boots of a very high quality. As they say the devil is in the details and these have detail if you look you can even see the zippers on the inside. They come in 3 sizes (xxs/xs; s/m & l/xl) with alpha layer and boot base. Also if you make a purchase from NOYA she will invite you to her group. She has some amazing and beautiful group gifts that she offers regularly. So very worth it to be a member!
you can find this item only on the Marketplace at: NOYA

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Forgotten Closet's Swag

For those who have never been to the Forgotten Closet, it is a group of designers who make something in a specific theme just for the show. This rounds theme is SWAG. In my last blog I showed off a pair of boots from the Forgotten Closet. This time it is a complete outfit.

The Outfit

This Outfit is by: .:FallenDreamz Inc:. called Keep Swag for 75L. The top in 3 styles all on jacket layer each with Tango/Lush appliers. Prim parts for jacket. Mesh Boots, mesh pants in 5 sizes and 3 different alphas (boots only, pants only and pants and boots)
you can find this item in world at: .:FallenDreamz Inc:. @ Forgotten Closet

The Hair is by .ploom. called Fluster in Indecisive 250L... this is a non rigged mesh hair so you can actually move it to fit right
you can find this item in world at: .ploom.

Close Up of the Nails

The Nails are from Nails FORMANAILS called Lucky 4 only available on her lucky chairs... you will need her VIP group for the chairs but for such good quality it is worth it. Comes in sizes 0, 10, 20, & 30 plus blending gloves to hide your skins nails. This style includes all the bangles which attach separately and the nails and ring.
you can find this item in world at: Nails FORMANAILS

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pink Sugah & Hello Titty Hunt

Today we got some awesome amazing news... Dirty Little Girls are official bloggers for Pink Sugah!
Pink Sugah happens to be one of my favorite stores... as in to the point I own everything she has. So guess it is fitting that we get to blog for their awesome stuff.
So as my first blogging on Pink Sugah, I decided to go with their Hello Titty Hunt Giftie. Cuz even if you are broke... you can afford free!

Outfit Information:

This outfit is by .::Pink Sugah::. called Hello Titty Hunt it comes with the shirt on all layers appliers for Tangos/Lush and the basic style applier. Sleeves. Plus alpha layer and Mesh Jeans in 6 sizes. And you get all this for 0L as part of the Hello Titty Hunt.
you can find the hunt item in wolrd at the .::Pink Sugah::. Main Store

The hairs is by /Wasabi Pills/called Joy in Crystal Pink (color was part of a 50L Fridays and is no longer available), however color packs are 250L. This is a Mesh hair and comes in sizes for girls with prim boobs and sizes for without. It also includes a Hud to change the color of the bow. Make sure to try the demo when it comes to mesh hair.
you can find the item in world here: /Wasabi Pills/

Close Up of the Nails

The /Nails are by [PA] Poisoned Apples called Everyday Manicure in Pink Tetra Swirl for 99Ls. These nails come in a hand size of 10 but are resizeable if necessary. Also included are gloves to blend your skins nails out to look beautiful with prim nails.
these nails are only available on the Marketplace: [PA] Poisoned Apples

Close Up of the shoes

I found these shoes at an event called Forgotten Closet. They are by FireBird Designs called Funky Boots in Purple and are only 75L.
you can find them in world here: FireBird Designs @ Forgotten Closet

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sky Blue Baby

Hi All! My name is Demi and I am one of the Dirty Little Girls. My Sisters, Moonie and Poi, and I decided that we do so much shopping in SL and love everything we buy that we wanted to share it with everyone. Thus Dirty little Girl has gotten a makeover into the Dirty Little Girls. We are gonna show off our fashion and share all of our favorite places with you. I hope you love the new look and feel of the Dirty Little Girls... just remember If You don't like it we will flash you our Titties!

This is going to be the first of our fashion blogs.

We were all out shopping together the other day and I found this adorable dress. Poi had told me of an awesome hair store. Moonie then tells me about these awesome nails. And I had found a great shoe store. This is how it all came together:

Outfit Information:

The Dress is by :[Plastik]: called Rapture Dress in Angelus for 219Ls it comes with All Layers plus Gloves and a Tango/Lush Applier
you can find them in world here: :[Plastik]:

The Hair is by: .ploom. called Dawn in Candy for 250Ls it is a mesh hair so make sure to try a demo before you buy.
you can find them in world here: .ploom.

Close Up of the nails

The Nails are by [PA] Poisoned Apples called Everyday Manicure in Blue Tetra Swirl for 99Ls. These nails are fabulous they come in hand size of 10 but are resizable if necessary. She also includes gloves to blend your skin tone and remove your skins nails.
you can ONLY find them on the marketplace here: [PA] Poisoned Apples

Close Up of the shoes

The shoes are by _Ngelic [Angelic Lefevre Couture] called EXtreeme Heels in Sky for 350L. They come in 2 sizes plus are resizable via the Hud. Hud coloring for the skin plus 20 nail options, and 4 ring options. I am a huge fan of Deborah's shoes, but as we all know they are super expensive. These are very similar to hers for only 1/3 of the price.
you can find them in world here: _Ngelic [Angelic Lefevre Couture]