Thursday, May 9, 2013

Woot Woot for Sales!

I was just talking to my friend, Oceane (oceane.grumiaux), the owner and designer of Oceane Body Design (which in case you forgot is my absolute favorite skin and make up store) and oh my gawd it is that time again.... Her store wide sale just about everything is 50% off! That includes her skins, make-ups and of course her special appliers that have 8 yes 8 different options for each shade.

Also, for a limited time she still has her group gift up an adorable pale pink fantasy skin with applier included.... The group costs 25L to join but is so worth it just for the skin alone!

Also she has some adorable Fantasy Skins in a 175L a try Gatcha... She is in the process of working on the appliers that will be sold as soon as she is done!

Monday, May 6, 2013

2 Old Favs from Knockers!

We have 2 old favorites from Knockers to share with you.

The first is Tiny Titties and is 100Ls. It can be found at the Cleavage sim location of Knockers.
Also wearing the Retro Betty Hair for 150Ls.
(pics by Moonie)

The second is At Attention and is also 100Ls. It can be found at Knockers on the Marketplace.
(pics by Moonie)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woot more from Knockers!!!

We love love love Knockers!!!
Here are 2 more sexy outfits!! And another awesome Hair!

First is Gidget! A high waisted pinup bathing suit for 150L. We are both wearing Retro Betty hair also from her for 150L a color pack!
(pics by Moonie)

Second we have Vintage Starlet. A sexy pinup dress for 150L. Also wearing the Retro Betty Hair for 150L.
(pics by Moonie)

Last is the up close of the Retro Betty Hair... There are tons of bandanna options in the color packs and only 150L!
(pic by Moonie)