Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Favorite Skin now has appliers!

I am so excited to tell you all that my all time favorite skin designer, Oceane (oceane.grumiaux), owner of Oceane Body Design has now made appliers for Tangos (reminder most tango appliers will work for updated Lush breasts also)! Her skins are photorealistic and she takes a painstaking amount of work to make sure that her skins are of the highest quality. The best thing about these appliers (besides the skin themselves) is her awesome Hud system. She actually has not just one style as the other skin designers do. There are 8 options: 2 matte versions with and without cleavage, 4 shiny options and 2 oiled up versions. Available in all 8 tans! I have been giving her input throughout the process of her making these. I am so happy to be able to show you all the available colors and styles! Each Hud is 499L and sooooo worth every penny. 2 more items that you may find a great help is she offers the nail cover gloves for prim nails for all her skins in one pack for 1L (no pesky matching needed) and probably the best of all, she offers the RGB codes to all her skins for free so you can match your prim feet and bits in a snap.
You can find these awesome skins and appliers in world here: Oceane Body Design Main Store

Latte main ad

Brown Sugar

Monday, March 11, 2013


I first found out about this store through the Big Boobie babes freebie group and let me tell you I LOVE IT!! she's has the cutest little pin up style retro outfits EVAAAA! MM board Letter Boards and free gifts to boot, quaint little store but I see big things for her future go check her stuff out promise you won't leave without buying something!!!
First up for ..::KnocKeRs::..  Is this cute little Dress which is a free gift for St. Patty's Day....

..::KnocKeRs::..ST Patty's Day Giftie

Up next are two of her newest outfits PsychoBilly Tee Outfit, which comes in blue/pink, melon/grn, grn/blue and shown below in pink/neon grn.. and her Gingham Vixen which comes in Red, black, yellow, green, pink, and Blue
..::KnocKeRs::.. PsychoBilly Tee Outfit(pink/neon grn) 100L each

..::Knockers::..Gingham Vixen shown in red 150L each
Last but not least the Make Up and nails and hair 

Nails called taste the Rainbow and lipstick is called Liptitude both by Poisoned Apples Available on MP, Eye shadow is called :Z.S: Punk EyeShadow
Hair from Lelutka called Hera makes the cutest 80's retro look
top Pic I'm wearing a new Hair from Wasabi Pills called Ivette available @ the WCF2 it's an exclusive one :) the hair in the gingham pic is from Truth and is called Sassy 2 Make up from Poisoned Apples called Smokey and Red Make-up 
Shape is all my own custom made by me hope this was informative if you have any suggestions for me please leave a comment or IM me in world :)

.::Pink Sugah::. MMH, Bewbapalooza, Forbidden Closet

The March Madness Hunt starts on 10th March, you will find the hunt item hidden somewhere .::Pink Sugah::. Mainstore, a cute shorts and shirt set with appliers called Country Girl

Next up are all the goodies you can find at Bewbapalooza which started on the first but runs till the end of March 
.::Pink Sugah::. Bewbapalooza Gift - China Girl in Water

.::Pink Sugah::. China Girl - Precious Stones in Amethyst, Ruby & Topaz

.::Pink Sugah::. Charming - rainbow brite - bewbapalooza Come in Electric Blue, Hot Pink & Sunshine shown

.::Pink Sugah::. China Girl - earthtones - Amber, Moss & Onyx

.::Pink Sugah::. Stay - Grannies Curtains - Come in Black Rose, Blue Chintz& Pink Rose

Last but not least the goodies you can find at the Forbidden Closet :)) .::Pink Sugah::. Forbidden Closet - St Paddy's Men's and Women's shirts come in Guiness, Luck & Pogues

My incredibly Sexy friend Gaheris Edelmann posed with me for these, Thank you G-baby for letting me bore you with Posing Muwahhh!! well that's it for this Girl and now I can breath again LOL

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Round of Going Bust!

Woot woot there is another round of Going Bust at the Cleavage Sim. One of our absolute fav stores, Pink Sugah, is there with some excluvise colors on their Charming Tops!

picture by Moonie

The Charming Tops by Pink Sugah are only 49L and you get all 3 exclusive colors (blue chintz, pink roses and black roses [not shown]) they include Tango/Lush appliers.
you can find these sexy tops here: .::Pink Sugah::. @ Cleavage

***Little Note for all: Moonie and I have decided to do a lot more collaboration with our posts.  We are sisters and love to shop and pose together. As you have been seeing, we are doing a lot more photos together. She is a more experienced photographer & editor than I am. And I am better at typing out all the incidentals. Thus, for the most part, I am going to be making the posts while she is going to be doing the pictures. I will be making notations under each photo to give credit to who took it and edited it (if they are different, it will say so). I hope you enjoy the new style!***

Friday, March 1, 2013

Whore Couture Fair 2 - Starts March 1, 2013 - Check out what Pink Sugah, Ellemeno and Bazookas is offering!

We got the inside on 3 great stores that will be at Whore Couture Fair 2 starting March 1st! 

You can find all of this stuff on the 2 sims for the event:

picture by Demi

In the middle is the:
 Boom Boom Tops from Pink Sugah.... there are 3 colors (black, red and pink) in the pack with Tango/Lush Appliers for 99L. (this is the tops only)

On the left is the clean version of the innocence bra and panty set from Ellemeno!.... 
On the right is the dirty version of them.... 
They are 195L a set which includes a panties, clean bra, a dirty bra, and also appliers for tangos.

picture by Demi

This is the Dirty Version of the innocence bra and panty set from Ellemeno!
Ellemeno has a gatcha for the glasses in both of the pictures plus the one below... both clean and dirty versions with and without bows! It is 50L a play!

picture by Moonie

This is the Titty Pasties from Bazookas. The pasties are 200L for each pack or the fatpack of all 3 for 300. They are arranged in 3 packs named Sweets, Random and Awesomenes. They are Tango Top Appliers.

picture by Moonie

Peepshow Dresses by Pink Sugah. There are 3 colors (aqua, green and mauve crochet) with appliers for almost every type for 120L.

picture by Moonie

Stay Dresses in Army Brat by Pink Sugah. These dresses come with 3 colors (pink, green and blue camo) with Tango/Lush appliers for 120L.

Footnote... the man in the picture is not for sale... Tho, I may potentially consider offers. lol. Thanx to ℑⱥγ ℳαɪтæ (jkap) for posing for us so willingly.... not like we would ever hold a gun to someones head....