Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grenade Free Wednesday & Susan G Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation

Pink Sugah has sexy little tops for Grenade Free Wednesday (2-27-13) and there is a sweet sale for a great cause at Ellemeno! 
Ellemeno is having a 50% off sale! Anything in the store that is pink (or close to pink) is 50% off, with 50% of the proceeds going to Susan G Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation. Sale ends February 28, 2013.

Picture taken by Moonie :)

The tops..... Pink Sugah's Charming in shades of grey you get 3 colors, black & white shown plus grey for 49L for Grenade Free Wednesday February 27, 2013! You get the tops on all layers and appliers for just about every type of boobs you can think of.
you can find them in world here: .::Pink Sugah::. @ Jersey Shore

The cardigans.... Ellemeno's Open Sweater. Demi has on the mustache polka dots. And Moonie has on the light pink. Both are normally 200L but thru Thursday, February 28th 2013 they are 100L each. They are Mesh and do not require an applier as they go around the implants. They come in 5 sizes from XXS to L.
you can find them in world here: ! ellemeno !

Moonie's Make-up.... Poisoned Apples' Smokey and Red Make-up for 99L. The make-up comes with 3 tattoo layers, so you can pick and choose which elements to wear eyeshadow or lipstick, or the last layer for both.
you can find it in world here: Poisoned Apples

Demi's Make-up.... Oceane Body Design's Cat3 Full Make Up in Gold for 175L. The make-up comes as a full make-up or you can purchase the eyeshadow & lipsticks separately for 85L each.
you can find them in world here: Oceane Body Design

Hair... Truth  Hair's Dawson in the Reds pack and the Light Blondes pack. Each pack is 250L and comes with 6 different shades plus those 6 shades with a roots option. This is a mesh hair make sure you try the demo!
you can find them in world here: Truth Hair

Nails... Nails FORMANAILS'  Form long in Design GOLD 11 for 149L. They include 4 sizes (0, 10, 20, 30) and 5 color matching gloves.
you can find them in world here: Nails FORMANAILS

Sunday, February 17, 2013

.::Pink Sugah::. Prerelease Event

Ok well by now you now I'm simple at this so onto to the pics these are the outfits for this round @ Pre release from Feb 17th till March 1st and the Theme for this round is boulevard of broken hearts.

Broken in Black Lace

Broken in Black Lace & Glitter

Broken in Gunmetal & Glitter

Hurt in White

Hurt in Pink

Hurt in Black

Happy Shopping y'all this is Pink Sugah @ Pre Release starts Feb 17 - March 1st

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OMG Ho Wear has Appliers! and DUCE has new boots coming out!

For anyone who loves amazing clothes they should know Ho Wear. Sadly until today they have not had anything for the well endowed lady. But that has changed! Ho Wear now is releasing clothes with Tango/Lush appliers. WOOT WOOT!
Why does this make me so happy? First off because she has clothes that are to die for and Well because Ho Wear has a daily special every weekday for 25Ls! Yes, only 25Ls for a brand new release in all the colors being released for 24 hours! HeidiHo Huet, the owner of Ho Wear, posts what she has out for the day on her Ho Wear Blog... But it isn't just Ho Wear. HeidiHo Huet's SL partner and RL spouse is Saint Atlas the owner of  DUCE , a simply fabulous shoe store, also throws some of her stuff up for 25Ls too. 
And speaking of Saint's fabulous shoes.... Moonie and I have been privileged to have gotten a set of boots to share with you now before they are even released! 
One last item... Moonie and I did a bunch of pics of these outfits and boots and you will be seeing a new logo featuring them as well as more pictures the day the boots have been released to the public!

The Outfit is from ..:: Ho Wear ::.. called Midnight Blossom in Purple and Pink. Charcoal and Blue are also available. This was the 25L release of the day on Monday 2/4/13. They were so cute both my sis and I had to get them all! They will be the normal price of 375Ls as of sometime in the morning hours of 2/5/13 when the new release will be out. This outfit includes appliers for Tangos/Lush, Jacket Layers of top for non boobie girls, top for boobie girls, and naughty top, panties on the pants layer, mesh stockings on the underwear layer, skirt, necklace, mouth piece for necklace, hair accessory and mask.
You can find this sexy outfit in world here: ..:: Ho Wear ::.. 25L New Release Board

The Boots are from #2::DUCE::2# called Zombie Killers in Grape and Bubblegum. These boots have NOT been released yet. Colors avaialble are also still not released. But keep your eyes posted to the Ho Wear Blog because they will be coming up there as one of the 25L features of the day on release.  The next day they will be up to their regular price of 400L. When these smexy boots are released we will make sure you all know!
Until then You can find more smexy boots and shoes at the in world store here: #2::DUCE::2#

The hair is from ALICE PROJECT called Bella with the Infinity HUD for 250L. This is a rigged mesh hair, Please try a demo first. It also comes with a flexi version and bang option.
You can find this in world here: ALICE PROJECT

Monday, February 4, 2013

Moonie's First Fashion Blog

I have some great line ups for you pieces of outfits thrown together, Why b/c I can unlike my awesome sister I'm a little lazier at stuff hehe but here they are hope you like

e bottom black skirt
this particular set comes in all black, black top white bottom and white top black bottom
Pink Sugah @ Bewbapalooza

Skirt & Earrings

ok the jeans in this last pic are an old pair of FNH Naughty jeans I've had for awhile, and I know this wasn't the best blog post for Fashion but HEY! I've only ever posted my stuff on flkr :P I'll get better over time 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rack City Outfit with a picture by Opium Films

Today is a special post. I had a photo shoot with Opium Films an SL Porn Company for the Busty Babes of Porn. I had a super sexy outfit on that I had to share!

Picture information: This picture was taken by the superbly talented Toran Babenco one of the owners of Opium Films. Him with Colleen Criss and Dominic Tomasso have created Opium Films. They are more than just an SL Porn company they also do Wedding Pictures and Videos, Profile Photos and so much more. Check out their blog for some of the sexy pics they do: Opium Films Blog

Outfit information: This outfit is from ::Rack City:: called TuXScuse Me BodySuit in Red. This super sexy bodysuit is free as the February Group Gift or 250L to buy. The group costs 150L to join, but it is soooo well worth it. This outfit comes on all layers with appliers for Tango/Lush, Lolas 2.5, Mused and Ecorp included. Rack City has some awesome high quality well priced clothes.
You can find the group gift here: ::Rack City:: Group Gift
Or you can find it here: ::Rack City: New Mainstore

The Shoes.... are from a store that is sadly now closed :(

Hair information: The Hair is from [elikatira] called Only in Fiery Reds. This is a non rigged Mesh Hair with a color Hud for the bow......They currently are having a huge 70% off Retirement sale through February 23rd. Once the sale ends the hairs are gone for good! The cost of a regular and colorful color packs like the Fiery Reds is 75Ls, the indecisive pack that has blondes, brunettes, blacks and reds is 84Ls and the complete color fatpack is 421Ls!
You can find them in world here: [elikatira]