Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Erotigacha 6 with Knockers and Irrie's Dollhouse

That is right Erotigacha is back at Hard Alley's Retroville. Erotigacha 6 is all about Rock N Roll and goes from December 18th to January 2nd and Knockers and Irrie's Dollhouse are a part of it!

We want to thank The Sister of Mercy Motorcycle Club for letting us use the SOM MC Hangout

We also want to thank Krystoff Draegonne for showing off the Men's Shoes from Irrie's Dollhouse.

Erotigacha 6 Full Edit

50s Rock N Roll Set (all pieces shown) from Irrie's Dollhouse are $70L per try. There are 5 commons (GroovePal: Record Box, Radio, Radiogram, & Wall Speaker, and Rock N Roll Poster) and 1 Rare (Electric Baby Bass and Stool) 
**the gas pump is not part of the Gacha**


Rock N Doll Heels in *Candy* RARE is a Gacha item from Irrie's Dollhouse and is $70L a try. There are 8 different ones. 3 common and 1 Rare in Slink Mid for women and 3 common and 1 Rare for Slink for men.

Jeepers Creepers in *Chexters* is from Irrie's Dollhouse and is $70L a try. There are 8 different ones. 3 common and 1 Rare in Slink Mid for women and 3 common and 1 Rare for Slink for men.


Rockaria Wedge Heels is the Rare (number 11) from Knockers. Includes shoes for Slink High feet and color change HUD. Changes to 10 different colors with 2 color change bottom options.

Mia in Ocean by Blueberry are $199L per single or $1299L for a Fatpack of 14 colors all on one HUD. Included with each pair is alpha mask, 5 standard mesh sizes for Regular an Tucked in boots; Regular and Tucked in boots mesh with no alpha for Belleza Isis, Freya & Venus; and Regular and Tucked in boots mesh for: Slink Physique, Maitreya, and Belleza Isis, Freya & Venus. (On Demi & Sami in this photo and on Sami in all photos)

On Sami: Groupie Tee number 6 from Knockers is $80L. There are 13 items... 11 common Tees & 2 Rare (1 Tee and 1 pair Bebe Le Strange Glasses with color change HUD). Included with each shirt are Tee Alpha, 5 classic standard mesh shirts, 5 fitted mesh shirts, and mesh shirts for: Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Physique & Hourglass.


Knockers Attack of the Groupie Collection 100L 11 items 9 common (5 soul rockers & 4 janice bells) and 2 Rare (1 janis bells & 1 Rockaria Wedge *above*)

Soul Rocker [Jacket & Top] number 2 from Knockers. Included with each soul rocker: alpha mask, 5 classic mesh sizes, and mesh for: Slink Physique and Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus.

Janis Bells [Jeans] number 7 from Knockers. Included with each pair of jeans: alpha mask and 5 standard mesh sizes.

Janis Bells from the Back


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Que Bella! at The Kink Monthly Event!

That's right Que Bella is at the Kink Monthly Event! This round goes until December 21st. I always am a big fan of the event and am an even bigger fan of Que Bella!!

Full Edit

Darling~Black from Que Bella is $129L. It includes System Layers, Omega and TMP Appliers. It is available in 6 colors. 
Sakura [Blondes / Pink Bears] from Truth. This is a Gacha Item and is $50L a try. It includes rigged mesh hair, hair color HUD, bears (not shown) and sakura flowers (not shown). There are 8 single side and 8 double side availble.

 I wear the Belleza Freya body. I have both Slink hands and feet. As always a few items I do keep to myself as they make my looks special and unique. My shape is custom. My skin, Tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Impertinences at Omega Tent Event

The Omega Tent Event bring us another amazing store Impertinences. Now before this I had not been there. but after this I am in love!

 Full Edit
Full Edit
Neige dress & scarf ( omega ) blue from Impertinences is $99L. Includes System Layers, Omega Applier, Mesh Skirt panel in 5 sizes and Mesh Scarf in 5 sizes.
 Neige oufit (short & shirt ) purple from Impertinences is $99L. This includes system layers and Omega Applier. 
Ugg Boots with Hud from Impertinences is $99L. They include Rigged shoes for Slink Flat Feet, Unrigged for non Slink, and Color Change HUD. The Boots change to 6 colors.

Sami wears the Maitreya body and I have just recently switched over to the Belleza Freya body. We both have Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to ourselves as they make our looks special and unique. Our shapes are custom. Our skins, Tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Knockers is at The Frozen Fair!

Some amazing things from some of my favorite stores!

Knockers is part of The Frozen Fair! The Frozen Fair goes from December 2nd until December 16th. All ..::KnocKeRs::.. items in the fair are priced at 30 to 50% off main shop prices! All seen here are located at The Frozen Fair.

Almost all of the Furnishings in the cottage shoot are from Irrie's Dollhouse. Two items specifically we are focusing on are at The Christmas Market and one from The Winter Gacha Festival.
The Christmas Market goes for the month of December. 
The Winter Gatcha Festival is from December 12th until the 31st.

Dust Bunnies has some great things at The Omega Tent Event that goes from December 2nd until December 31st.

And finally, KC Couture.. some amazing items including one of our favorite things.... shoes.

 Full Edit
Full Edit
*-ReACT Lite-* Snow Angel for Couples from Akeaesha's. Part of the Advent Hunt Day #4 - NICE Gift. Only at Akaesha's.

Winter Frost Top is a The Frozen Fair Exclusive from Knockers and is $100L. It includes top in 5 standard sizes, and color change HUD in 4 patterns.

Snowflakes Makeup in Teal from Carrie's Lingerie for $25L Gacha in the VIP area. Available in 10 colors. Gachas for matching Lingerie and Jewelry The VIP group is $500L... steep, but worth it.

Snowflakes Makeup in Purple from Carrie's Lingerie for $25L Gacha in the VIP area. Available in 10 colors.

Gacha! Carry Me Goodies Pail #4 *Gingerbread Man* (bottom shelf in the photo) from Irrie's Dollhouse is $65L. It is 100% Mesh and can be rezzed or worn. There are 10 different ones to get... 7 common and 3 rare. At The Winter Gacha Festival.

Vintage Holiday Tins (top shelf in the photo) from Irrie's Dollhouse are $50L at The Christmas Market.

[Classy Comfort] White Leggings W/Snowflake from Dust Bunnies is $75L. They come with 4 omega appiers. 2 solid colors and 2 with snowflakes.

Deer Kringle Coat & Muffs is a The Frozen Fair Exclusive from Knockers and is $200L. It includes Dres in 5 standard sizes, Dress color HUD with 4 colors, Ear muffs, and Ear Muff Color HUD in 4 colors.

Vintage Festive Craft Table from Irrie's Dollhouse is $75L at The Christmas Market.

YETI WINTER BOOTS from KC Couture is a Group Gift. The Group costs $75L to join. There are a total of 11 Group Gifts! Includes Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, TMP and Slink Heels plus the color HUD.

GRACE HEELS from KC Couture for $125L. Includes Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, TMP and Slink Heels plus the color HUD.

Sami wears the Maitreya body and I have just recently switched over to the Belleza Freya body. We both have Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to ourselves as they make our looks special and unique. Our shapes are custom. Our skins, Tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.

Friday, December 4, 2015

INTRODUCING Sami and the Omega Tent Event!!!!

I am back from surgery and have 2 amazing things to tell everyone!

First... We have a new Blogger!!!! Introducing ღ Sαмι Mσσηвєαм-Rσѕє (samiafirecaster), the newest Dirty Little Girl. She is my sissie and an amazing model and photographer. I look forward to all her postings and working more with her!!!

Second... Oh my Goddess... We are the official Bloggers of the Omega Tent Event!!! *Squeals* This is an event that happens every couple months with some amazing designers of Omega Applier clothing! The event is run by another sister of ours and fellow blogger, Sкує Ƈнαтнωℓαℓтн (ellashaeria). Check out her personal Blog, Black Rose Photography Blog, too. There is also a Blog for the Event, Omega Solutions Blog. And of course you should just get your bodies over there and see for yourself at the Omega Tent Event. (Everything can be found there unless otherwise stated)

The following photos were all taken by Sami. I did the full edit on the first one and did the crop and branding on the others....

Full Edit Photo

Demi's Body: Freya from Belleza is $3995L. This is a great deal when you see all it includes: 3 different mesh bodies (Venus, Isis and Freya), 2 shapes, Slink appliers for the Mesh body, Wardrobe HUD, and the Mesh Body HUD. This body has hands and feet attached that can be hidden via the HUD so you can wear with or without Slink. (Shown here with Slink hands and feet) Find this and more at Belleza Mainstore.

Demi's Hair: Karlie in the Variety Pack from Truth is on sale for the 12 days of savings on the marketplace for $100L... this is half price. It comes with Rigged mesh hair, Color HUD, Sunglasses and Sunglasses HUD. Get it Here

Sami's Hair: Rockstar from CATWA is $250L per pack and includes Rigged and Unrigged mesh base, Hair with no base rigged, unrigged, rigged with physics, full hair in rigged, unrigged, and rigged with physics, and 2 sets of hair physics. Available at the CATWA Mainstore.

The Tunics and Lingerie are all from *M.R.Designs* There are 3 styles... the Ava, the Abigail and the Adrianna. The Ava is a plain tunic (Only the Black is available at the Event). The Abigail is a Belted tunic (shown). and the Adrianna is Corset tunic (shown). All are available in 6 colors. Comes with Belted and Bow panties and bra and the sexy legwarmers and heels (not Slink) Sami is wearing. This includes system layers, TMP & omega appliers, mesh legwarmers and heels in 4 sizes.

Demi's Outfit: Abigail in Red by *M.R. Designs* Only the White is available at the Omega Tent Event

Sami's Shirt & Shoes: Adrianna in White by *M.R.Designs*

Sami's Pants: Claire Capri in Teal by Ravnous is $99L. It is system layers only! Comes in 10 colors. You can find these at Ravnous Mainstore. *By Request you can speak with Rav about making appliers for older items with only system layers*

Pose: back to back ~ FREEBIE friends pose by (.vix) as it says it is a completely free aka $0L pose. This is a static pose and comes with only the poseballs and pose. You can find it at  (.vix) Marketplace Store.

This set is from *CK* Crazy Kitty and can be worn separately or together for the perfect look. They can be found at *CK* Crazy Kitty Mainstore.

Demi's Legwarmers: Bite Me Legwarmers by *CK* Crazy Kitty are $250L. These have 3 sizes and a color HUD. The color HUD changes legwarmer, buttons and bows to numerous colors.

Demi's Shoes: Bite Me Heels 2 by *CK* Crazy Kitty are $320L and are for Slink Feet ONLY. They come with the shoes and a color change HUD with 10 different colors/patterns. There are 3 versions of this shoe with 3 different color/pattern HUDs. (all 3 HUDs work with each pair of shoes)

Pose: Sister Love Pose from SuP PoSeS is at a Promo price of $10L. This is a static pose and includes only pose and poseballs. You can find this pose and more at SuP PoSeS Marketplace Store.

Sami wears the Maitreya body and I have just recently switched over to the Belleza Freya body (in this post). We both have Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to ourselves as they make our looks special and unique. Our shapes are custom. Our skins, Tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Fab Outfit from Que Bella! and Killer Boots from Orgazm Inc!

I just can not stop finding fabulous things from Que Bella! and I have to share them, of course. 

And I always find the best stuff at Orgazm.Inc, and today is no different!

Plus, I had an amazing conversation with the owner of  Exposeur, RubyStarlight Writer. She has some of the best, most highly detailed Props with exquisite Poses that I have seen in all of Second Life. I look forward to using  more of her things in the future!

Prop & Pose: Burlesque Cage from Exposeur is $300L. This is an original Mesh Prop with 10 custom animations. Come check out this and many other sweet props at Exposeur Props Location.

Top: Tam~Biscay from Que Bella! is $129L each available in 10 colors. Includes System Layers, TMP and Omega Appliers. This Saucy top is more than what it appears. there are 2 different layers to it... the Cardigan (teal color in the photo) and Camisole (black lace in the photo, also has white lace included) can be worn together or separately. Fatpack available for $999L
*note from the creator: "Tam Cardigan can be worn 3 ways.  Alone with nipples showing or with the choice of a black or white lace cami top.  To avoid alpha clashes with your mesh bodies please make sure you wear your mask mode for your CLOTHING layer which will have the Cardigan applied on to it and the lace cami as the underwear layer not using mask mode! Hope this helps! ♥"*

Bottom: Tam Skirt~Black from Que Bella! is $49L each available in 7 colors. Includes system layers, TMP and Omega appliers, mesh insert in 5 sizes. This sexy skirt has both panty (shown) and no panty versions and lace insert (shown) and no lace. Fatpack is available for $599L.
*note from the creator: "Each Tam skirt comes with 4 styles.  with & without lace panel & with and without panty! They come with 5 rigged mesh skirts sizes xxs -l The rigged mesh skirts can't be repositioned but the texture in the skirt offsets can be moved around to line up with your mesh body! The best sizes for mesh bodies no matter what size you wear is xxs - s. System layers and appliers for Omega & TMP are included.  ENJOY! ♥"*

You can find these and so much more at Que Bella!

Hair: Diamond from Besom a former Group Gift that is no longer available. If you have not been to their store to look at hair, you are missing out. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Besom now.

Shoes: Marilyns blue boots from Orgazm.Inc are $150L a pair available in 3 colors each with it's own unique design for Slink High Feet only. Fatpack is $400L. You can find this and more amazing things at Orgazm.Inc.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Que Bella @ Kinky Monthly Event

One of my absolutely favorite stores, Que Blla is taking part in the Kinky Monthly.

Kinky Monthly is new event created exclusively for all things kinky.  This month's Kinky Monthly started September 25th at 7pm slt and runs until October 20th. 

Every month, designers will have to create one new release that sole purpose is to enhance your kinky side in Second Life. Come select your favorites from 46 talented designers in second life.

Come on down to Kinky Monthly!

Lingerie: Bliss~Fairy Floss from Que Bella! is $169L. There are 6 different colors available. Includes system layers, TMP and Omega appliers.

**For those unaware, there is a new update for the Slink hands and feet. This is version 2.3 and is compatible with Omega appliers. You need to purchase the Omega installer from Love-N-Lust and ad it to your new Slink and they are Omega ready!**

Hair: Wake Up - Ginger Pack from Lamb. is part of the Daily Grind Collection. Is found at the Arcade GACHA Event for $75L a try. There are 3 different hair options (wake up, Afternoon and Date night) and 24 common and 3 Rare  different color packs you could get. So try your luck!

Pose: Girl At The Window from Exposeur is $300L. This is an original mesh prop with 8 poses and mirrors. Come check it out and many more props at Exposeur Props Section.

Shoes: Extreme Pumps (Light Pink) from IAF for Slink High Feet are $120L a pair. There are 12 different colors available. Find them in world at IAF.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Knockers and Irrie's Dollhouse the best of Retro Rockabilly!

In the style of the new blog. The first photo will always be a full shot with editing how I would take one otherwise. The rest are done full color with FS Original Windlight, unless otherwise specified, for optimum view of what the colors and appearance are in world. 

Today is some amazing things from my favorite Retro and Retro Rockabilly locations, Irrie's Dollhouse and Knockers!

You can find You can find all of  the textures and furnishings in world at Irrie's Dollhouse.

All Textures from Irrie's Dollhouse Are Original Handmade Textures, Seamless Design, Hi-Resolution Quality, and Full Permission. 

On the floor: Checker Tile Floor *Retro 1* Pack featuring Checker Tile *Retro 1* Mint by Irrie's Dollhouse for $89L. Includes 11 Vintage Colors.

On the walls: Walls *Celestial Night & Day* Pack featuring Wall Texture *Celestial Night* Mint (right side) and Wall Texture *Celestial Night* Mint 2 (left side) by Irrie's Dollhouse for $99L. Includes 20 Textures, 10 Day & 10 Night.

50s Sofa Set *Roxanne* from Irrie's Dollhouse. Set includes 50s Bird Flock Art *Roxanne*, 50s Coffee Table *Roxanne*, 50s Lamp *Roxanne*, 50s Ottoman *Roxanne*, 50s Shelf *Roxanne*, 50s Side Table *Roxanne*, 50s Sofa *Roxanne* and 50s Sofa Set *Roxanne* HUD. There are 33 Poses without PoseBalls between the Sofa and Ottoman. The set is Copy & Resize with 17 Land Impact. The Color HUD gives the choice of 10 Lamp Colors, 11 Ottoman Colors, and 11 Sofa Colors. The completes set is only $299L.

Pola Standing from Unslutty and Undead for free a pose included in the More Movie Star Poses. I love finding deals on poses and what better deal than free. Unslutty and Undead have some great pose packs and what is better they are all free! Check them out at Unslutty and Undead on Marketplace!

The be most wonderful Retro Rockabilly Fashion Store for men and women Knockers is the place to find all the rest!

Bettified Snow Hair from Knockers is $200L per pack. This includes Hair with attached headband, Head Band HUD with 22 colors (11 solids and 11 polka dots), add on bow skull [not shown], and hair color HUD (5 colors in each HUD, 5 Different HUDs available). 

Dixie Chickafied Swing Dress from Knockers for $350L. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 standard sizes and an 8 Color Dress HUD. Sorry Ladies this one has no appliers. It does work well with Mesh bodies :)

Diabolic Soul Stilettos from Knockers is the September Group Gift. It includes shoebase and Slink High shoes! There is a $150L join fee, but it is sooo worth it... for these shoes alone, not to mention all the other wonderful group gifts you will receive. You have only a short time left to get them so get down there now!

Monday, September 7, 2015

We Are Back With All New Work & Some Awesome New Shops!

We are back and better than ever. We are taking a whole new, much more informative approach to the blog. No longer is this just about fashion for the curvy girls of SL; it is now about all kinds of things you can find in SL. Everything from textures to furniture will be covered with our normal fashion. Plus far more information on our bodies, breasts, skins, make-ups and more! I hope you like the new style! Welcome to Dirty Little Girls Fashion and More!

We want to welcome some new contributors... Michigan Shack, Ravnous, Irrie's Dollhouse and Oceane Body Design!

 Using an FS Original Windlight to give the most natural look to all the items.

All Textures from Irrie's Dollhouse Are Original Handmade Textures, Seamless Design, Hi-Resolution Quality, and Full Permission. You can find them in world at Irrie's Dollhouse. Irrie's Dollhouse offers everything from textures to clothing to furniture all with the Vintage inspiration! Feel free to grab their free group when you are in world!

On the floor: Checker Tile Floor *Retro 1* Pack featuring Checker Tile *Retro 1* Cocoa by Irrie's Dollhouse for $89L. Includes 11 Vintage Colors.

On the walls: Nifty 50s Wall Textures Pack featuring Nifty 50s Wall Texture 9a by Irrie's Dollhouse for $125L. Includes 60 Vintage Textures Plus 1 Bonus.

School Desk Ultimate Love Chair and Hot For Teacher Desk and Chalk Board are from Michigan Shack. Sadly they have been retired. But on a great note. I recently spoke to 2WAT Michigan, co-owner and designer for Michigan Shack, and she told me that they are prepping for a huge store remodel! This means tons new things are coming out. And as Always they participate in many Hunts and Sixty Linden Weekends! So stop down and check out all their awesome furniture! You can find them in world at  Michigan Shack! Dont forget to join either their free VIP group for 25% refund on all purchases excluding sale items OR join the Platinum group, This costs $500L to join and includes 25% refund on all products when wearing the group tag excluding sale items, 50% and 75% group discount boards and free group gifts. Also if you spend $1800L you will automatically get a 10% refund on EVERYTHING you buy in the store!

NEW RELEASE! On Sale for $149L (will be $299L at sale end) for their back to school sale. Sale Ends September 30th!
 Complete Outfit 21 - Schoolgirl Outfit from Ravnous. Includes system layers, omega appliers, slink stockings applier, Skirt, Emma Heels, Backpack, Phone - White, Big Hoop Earrings, Charm Bracelet, and a $50L gift card!!!! Come get this in world at Ravnous!

Mesh Body - Lara from Maitreya for $2750L. Includes Mesh Body, 4 Shapes, Left and Right Hand, Left and Right Feet, foot base, alpha, HUD, Lingerie, Lara Bra, Lara Mesh Panties, and Lara Bra and Mesh Panties HUD. This is the only mesh body I personally own. I tried a lot of them but fell in love with this one. You can find this in world at Maitreya.

Tammy Mesh Hair - Golden in the Blondes Pack from /Wasabi Pills/ for $250L. Includes rigged mesh hair and hairbases. Comes 4 shades in each color pack Fatpacks of all colors are $1500L located at FaMESHed, a monthly event. So get there before the end of September!

Pose: oh_hi from Beauty is Pain can be found exclusively with their Boobie Phone 5C. There are 6 poses and the Boobie Phone (not pictured). Can be found exclusively at Beauty is Pain Marketplace Store for $199L.

Pose: Phone 07 from CNZ part of the Cell Phone Poses F. Includes 4 poses and and 2 phones, one with transfer permissions (phones not shown). You can find them at CNZ for $120L.

AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual from Slink. They are $450L and includes Left & Right Hand, 2 different alphas, wrist blending layers, OmniHUD Hands Skin Matching, and Female Utilities HUD (this works for both the hands and the feet. All items from hiding and showing tattoo layers to length of nails). Available in 15 other styles. Can be bought in 5 packs for $1250L or the full fatpack for $2250L. I personally use the Casual for most everything. You can find them in world at Slink.

SLINK Awesome Finger Nails 1 from Oceane Body Design for $199L. Includes one HUD with 10 color options. There are 5 different nail HUDs available. Or buy the Fatpack for $599L and get 6 HUDs. Check out them at Oceane Body Design.

AvEnhance Feet Female High from Slink. They are $675L and includes Left & Right Feet, 2 different alphas, ankle blending layers, feet base, OmniHUD Feet Skin Matching, and Female Utilities HUD (this works for both the feet and the hands. All items from hiding and showing tattoo layers to length of nails). Also available in Mid and Flat Feet. These three feet are the only ones I personally use.  Find them at Slink.

Oceane Body Design is a sore for everything you need for a sexy body.... fabulous skins, make-ups, mesh liners and lashes, shoes and of course shapes! There is a group it costs $250L. But this is well worth it! Currently there are 20 group gifts available including make-ups and skins! Also the Dee Natural Skin - Coffee Tan Black will be free soon! She also participates in Fifty 5 Linden Thursday and Sixty Linden Weekends. Find all of the amazing things at Oceane Body Design!

Uses Oceane Body Design Windlight to show the skin in it's most natural light. 

Dee Natural Skin - Vanilla Tan Brunette from Oceane Body Design for $999L. Includes Cleavage and Non Cleavage Skins. There are 6 different tan options avaiable and each skin has 4 different eyebrow colors to choose from when purchasing. All of the skins from Oceane Body Design are Photorealistic, Handmade and of the Highest Quality.

To go with it for all of the mesh body parts you have the Applier Slink Hands Vanilla Tan for $100L, Slink Applier feet Vanilla for $100L, and Omega applier one hud: Praline and Vanilla for $199L.

Witch Bitch Mesh Lashes from Oceane Body Design for $199L. Includes Linked set of lashes, alpha, top lashes, and bottom lashes. There are 40 different styles of mesh lashes available from Oceane Body Design.

Mesh eyeliner with hud - 7 from Oceane Body Design for $199L. Show in Red color on Red texture. Includes Eyeliner, alpha, mesh eyeliner, and eyeliners HUD. The Mesh eyeliners HUD has 14 textures, 30 preset colors, and tons more colors you can pick from the other chart. There are 17 different styles of mesh eyeliners available from Oceane Body Design.