Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Baaaaack! and I found a New Store!

Hello Everyone!!!! I know it has been forever since I have updated anything on the blog. I had reality take a big bite out of my ass and keep me offline for waaaay too long. I know I said it before, but this time it is true. I am back. Soooooo what do I do after nearly a year of being offline... SHOPPING!!!!!
And boy did I find a great new store! It is called Dark Salvation. The owner is Salvation Oxygen. She is as adorable as her clothes are. And let me tell you this woman has jaw dropping prices.
Her clothing all includes appliers for Tangos and Phat Azz.... Now I have to be different and I had to go and get the Ghetto Booty and I am in love with it. For now those who have the Ghetto Booty can use the Phat Azz appliers with minor editing knowledge. Now back to these super steals!!!

**Reminder unlike the porn blog my sis and I also do, this blog will have very very minimal editing. I, myself, will be trying to stay true to only cropping the photo and adding the logo and signature. This isn't about how well we can edit... this is about how the clothes and products truly look**

This first adorable half tee is call Orgasm Donor and is a free gift!

This adorable little outfit is on a 25L promo special located to the left inside the front door.

Next is a bunch of adorable half tees at 25L each!

Then I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that this adorable top, pair of jeans and each piece of the skull bikini were only 5L!