Saturday, August 6, 2016

Irrie's Dollhouse @ GACHA Garden!

I love love love GACHAs and I love Irrie's Dollhouse. Put them together and it makes an awesome time!

Objects: Vintage Toy Room 2 GACHA from Irrie's Dollhouse at GACHA Garden. Each pull of the GACHA is L$65. There are 7 commons, 1 Rare and 1 UltraRare (Seed of Inspiration pictured below). From Left to Right: Toy Suitcase (Common), Match Me Playing Cards (Common), Vintage Toy Scooter (Common), Toy Drum (Common), Cat in the Box (Rare), Little Bowling Pins (Common), Spinny Top Toy (Common), and Building Block Castle (Common). You can find this and more at GACHA Garden Event.

Walls: Cars part of the Nifty 50s Wall Textures Pack from Irrie's Dollhouse. This texture pack is L$125 and includes 60 Full Perm Seamless Textures! This pack can be found at Irrie's Dollhouse Mainstore.

Floors: Sky from the Checker Tile Floor *Retro 1* Texture Pack from Irrie's Dollhouse. This texture pack is L$89 and includes: 11 Full Perm Seamless Textures. This pack can also be found at the mainstore.

Seed of Inspiration. You can only get this if you play the GACHA 20 times.

Vintage Toy Room 2 Ad

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