Sunday, March 13, 2016

Introducing Black Haus, White Widow and the EVE'olution Mesh Head!

I am so happy to be back from the hospital and up to blogging again. It has been a rough one since I had gastric bypass, but it is well worth it!

Soooo lets get down to the good stuff!

First, I want to thank Jarek (creativerandom) for posing with me and for allowing me to use his RP Sim, Southland - La Veta, California, USA. It will be opening soon! To learn more about it check out their website!

Now onto all the wonderful designers! We have Black Haus, White Widow, Absolut Creation, Olive, Oceane Body Designs and KC Couture!

Full Edit with Jarek (creativerandom).

Outfit: Crime Scene from Black Haus. This sexy little number is $189L. And the box includes: Omega (Top and Bottom), Maitreya, and Slink Physique appliers. *Please note there are no system layers!* This was made for this round of SUICIDE DOLLZ. So take a ride to Black Haus @ SUICIDE DOLLZ.

Tattoos: Music Box in Pink from White Widow. These gorgeous tattoos are $300L and well worth the price. The package includes tattoos in high, low in normal on: tattoo system layer, Lolas Tango, Belleza. Maitreya, Slink, Sking Brazillia Doll, The Mesh Project and Omega appliers. You can purchase these amazing tattoos in world at [White-Widow] Mainshop @ ESSENCES.
**on a side note you can also find me wearing these tattoos in Februay 2016's BUSTED Magazine or on my flickr.**

Hair: the Glitter from Olive. This is a GACHA hair. Mine is part of the Color Fades. As a GACHA you get one of the Random Hairs for $75L. There are 10 common hair packs and 1 face jewels and 1 rare hair pack that includes all the hair packs plus all with glitter roots. You can find it at .Olive. @ The Arcade Gacha Event until March 31st.

Shoes:  SUAMI HEELS from KC Couture. These strappy heels are a group gift. The group costs $50L. So for this pair of heels alone, well worth it. There are numerous gifts still available as well. This box contains: shoebase, ankle pose fixer, Color HUD (2 Metal colors for the straps and 10 colors) and heels for: Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, EVE and The Mesh Project. You can find these at -KC- Couture Mainstore.

Eyelashes: Fun Feather Mesh Lashes from Ocean Body Design. This is a GACHA. It is the  number 20 ULTRARARE. Each play is $50L for a random pair of lashes. These are Mesh Lashes and require little to no editing. There are 18 common, 2 Rare and 2 Ultrarare. The box contains: an upper and a lower set. You can find these, plus skin, make-up and so much more at Oceane Body Design.

Mesh Head: EVE'olution Head #3 BETA from Absolut Creation. This head is currently on sale half price for $825L. The box contains: the EVE'olution Head, teeth, 3 alphas, SL neck pieces HUD, Teeth positioning HUD, and the main EVE'olution HUD. Here are links to pictures of the HUD features.... EVE'olution HUD Make-Up Tab... EVE'olution HUD Skin Tab. This head is still in Beta testing and the updates are free for life. It is omega compatible. you have to purchase the instaler and it will work with omega skins and makeups. Until I found this head I was not a fan of the others. This one I really like alot!
*Note that Absolut Creation does also offer, if you join their FREE group you can get an EVE Mesh Head. It doesn't really have many features, but if you don't have the money and are looking to go Mesh... try it! The EVE head does not look the same as the EVE'olution* 

 I wear the Belleza Freya body. I am using the Belleza hands and feet in these photos. As always a few items I do keep to myself as they make my looks special and unique. My shape is custom. My skin, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.

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