Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dog Days Designs @ The Promenade and New Clothes from Beauty is Pain!

I have truly been enjoying blogging things that are a little off what I normally do. But sometimes it is even more fun to mix the 2 together!
So today we have some retro chic furniture from Dog Days Designs @ The Promenade mixed with a modern outfit from one of my fav stores, Beauty is Pain Mainstore.
Dog Days Designs happen to be one of the Sponsors of the Promenade Gacha Event that starts tomorrow, Wednesday October 1st!

Going to go a little backwards and start with the outfit....
This is the Fuck You Longsleeve Top in Pink. It is $95L and includes the system layer top and all the appliers you can think of.
This is the Bitch High Waist Skirt in Pink. It is $160L and includes system layer for pant and jacket, appliers for all your fav butts and a mesh insert.
And I finally bit the bullet and bought the SLINK Mid feet and what a great start for them but to be in the Araignee Platforms in Grey for SLINK Mid Feet only. They are $300L.

Now for all the furniture!
From the first Gacha, the Furniture Gacha. Each try is $50L.
We have the Mid Century Moder Chair that has 9 fabrics (shown in red) and multiple sits, Rug One Round, Mid Century Boomerang Table 1-1 (fully color changeable), Mid Century Modern Table Lamp 1 (fully color changeable and working light), Mid Century Modern Table Lamp (Rare version and working light), Mid Century Modern Ceiling Lamp (Rare version and working light).
From the second Gacha, the Clock Gacha. Each try is $50L. All the clocks can be set to any time you like.
Magenta Boomerang Clock and MidCentury Modern Starburst Clock (Rare). 

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