Thursday, September 11, 2014

ΩOmegaΩ... what is it and does it work?.... Plus the First Omega Big Tent Event

Now I am going to use some of Omega's very own words to help explain it.

ΩWhat is Omega?
Omega is what it's name stands for, the last. Omega is the last ever applier system needed. The people at Love-N-Lust got tired of having to create almost a hundred appliers, and created a system grid wide to allow use of almost all appliers, as long as they were full textures and not partials, for as many mesh enhancements as possible.

Now this sounds great, but does it work and how much do you have to invest. So I did the foot work. I have the Ghetto Booty, the Cutie Booty and the Phat Azz butts along with Pushups, Tangos, Mirage and Venus breasts. What has been the case with all the butts minus Phat Azz is notecard conversion. So any who have the other kinds be it Brazilia to Banned know this one. Well omega does the same thing... the difference is you have to buy a script if your butt doesn't have the Omega system already in it. The script is $99L. Simple drag and drop. Once you are Omega scripted your butt now works with all Omega appliers. I have always used Lolas boobs until this new incarnation of fitted mesh and I had to go with Sinful Needs... they will be featured in the next blog... Sinful Needs already has something like the Omega system in the Venus breasts where they can use all appliers.
So far I like the idea of one unified applier system and they have conversions for just about every type of mesh body part and body you can imagine in the main store.  
This unified applier system would save the consumer on having to look to see if their item was covered. For Designers it would save you time and money; instead of multiple uploads, multiple appliers and buying all the products to get them. And FYI Developers kits are only 1L!
You can find the mainstore here: Love-N-Lust Designs Home of The ΩOmegaΩ

So onto the next item The very first Omega Big Tent Event.
Taken directly from Omega's website:
Omega Big Tent September 12th
I am proud to announce that we have a set date for the Omega Big Tent Sale! Finally after all that hard work and motivation from our loving supporting fans we have gotten the tent filled up with designers who are Omega-Friendly! We are starting the event on at 12 am slt on Friday, September 12th, and it will be ending on September 14th at 11:59 pm slt!

I am so excited for this event because our intent of the event is so that all of our supporters can find out about all of these amazing designers who are Omega-fied. I know how hard it is to find clothing for bodies or other mesh enhancements, that is why we are here to help you all out and get you here with us at this event!

On the day of the event the landing point on the sim will be shut off, and you will be able to direct teleport to the tent or if you want just walk around the sim and check out all of the stores we have out on the sim! This is your playground as much as ours!

Let us make our home here with Omega and get the word out about Omega and this event! Let's all make our lives a little bit easier!

I know alot of designerts are a bit bummed out that the first weekend of the tent it is full. Do not worry, after this weekend it will be alot bigger which means you will be able to put yourself in the event as well.
Contact Deadlyhoney Serenity, or R0sath0rn Resident for an application to join us in the Omega Big Tent Sale.
We do not turn people down, as long as you have omega appliers in your designs you will be welcomed to join us in being a designer at the tent!
The direct Teleport is here: ΩOmegaΩ Big Tent Event

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