Thursday, September 11, 2014

ΩOmegaΩ... what is it and does it work?.... Plus the First Omega Big Tent Event

Now I am going to use some of Omega's very own words to help explain it.

ΩWhat is Omega?
Omega is what it's name stands for, the last. Omega is the last ever applier system needed. The people at Love-N-Lust got tired of having to create almost a hundred appliers, and created a system grid wide to allow use of almost all appliers, as long as they were full textures and not partials, for as many mesh enhancements as possible.

Now this sounds great, but does it work and how much do you have to invest. So I did the foot work. I have the Ghetto Booty, the Cutie Booty and the Phat Azz butts along with Pushups, Tangos, Mirage and Venus breasts. What has been the case with all the butts minus Phat Azz is notecard conversion. So any who have the other kinds be it Brazilia to Banned know this one. Well omega does the same thing... the difference is you have to buy a script if your butt doesn't have the Omega system already in it. The script is $99L. Simple drag and drop. Once you are Omega scripted your butt now works with all Omega appliers. I have always used Lolas boobs until this new incarnation of fitted mesh and I had to go with Sinful Needs... they will be featured in the next blog... Sinful Needs already has something like the Omega system in the Venus breasts where they can use all appliers.
So far I like the idea of one unified applier system and they have conversions for just about every type of mesh body part and body you can imagine in the main store.  
This unified applier system would save the consumer on having to look to see if their item was covered. For Designers it would save you time and money; instead of multiple uploads, multiple appliers and buying all the products to get them. And FYI Developers kits are only 1L!
You can find the mainstore here: Love-N-Lust Designs Home of The ΩOmegaΩ

So onto the next item The very first Omega Big Tent Event.
Taken directly from Omega's website:
Omega Big Tent September 12th
I am proud to announce that we have a set date for the Omega Big Tent Sale! Finally after all that hard work and motivation from our loving supporting fans we have gotten the tent filled up with designers who are Omega-Friendly! We are starting the event on at 12 am slt on Friday, September 12th, and it will be ending on September 14th at 11:59 pm slt!

I am so excited for this event because our intent of the event is so that all of our supporters can find out about all of these amazing designers who are Omega-fied. I know how hard it is to find clothing for bodies or other mesh enhancements, that is why we are here to help you all out and get you here with us at this event!

On the day of the event the landing point on the sim will be shut off, and you will be able to direct teleport to the tent or if you want just walk around the sim and check out all of the stores we have out on the sim! This is your playground as much as ours!

Let us make our home here with Omega and get the word out about Omega and this event! Let's all make our lives a little bit easier!

I know alot of designerts are a bit bummed out that the first weekend of the tent it is full. Do not worry, after this weekend it will be alot bigger which means you will be able to put yourself in the event as well.
Contact Deadlyhoney Serenity, or R0sath0rn Resident for an application to join us in the Omega Big Tent Sale.
We do not turn people down, as long as you have omega appliers in your designs you will be welcomed to join us in being a designer at the tent!
The direct Teleport is here: ΩOmegaΩ Big Tent Event

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Retro Glam from Knockers

Knockers has some more awesome new releases that I had to share!
You can find these and so much more in world  at ..::Knockers::.. Vintage Retro Fashion!

This is the Greta Flair Dress with the Punk Up Bettie Hair. Each is $200L. 
But here is the great thing... the Greta Flair Dress in Red with Blue trim is the September Group Gift. The group is $50L to join, but well worth it for the awesome gifts. Plus in past notices there is a special group only gift... Knockers made 1000 group members and Dita celebrated giving awesome Vegas HotRod Hoop Earrings!

Now for what you get with each of these.....

Greta Flair Dress... System top, Tango Applier, Mesh Skirt (5 standard sizes and fitted mesh sizes), and Mesh Bolero Top (5 standard sizes and fitted mesh sizes).

Punk Up Bettie Hair is rigged mesh. There are 5 different shades in each pack and 4 different Skelly Bow Hair Clips... These clips are awesome and can be worn with other hair!!! Also the bow and hands change color, texture and shine!!!

The Greta Flair Dress in the Group Gift Color and Close Up of the Punk Up Bettie Hair with Skelly Bows.

The Vegas HotRod Earrings are complete color, texture and shine change. 
Lastly... I don't EVER post non boobie clothing, but I could not pass this up. This is the Peek-A-Boo Dress in Red Skelly. It has a fitted mesh version so i can still have curves and some boobs. The dress is adorable! it is $150L and comes with 5 standard sizes and 1 fitted mesh. Remember there are no appliers for this dress!
**you will notice I have a skelly bow from the above hair on with this hair as well**

**Remember  I do very little to no editing on all photos**

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I am Feeling Like a Bettie... So More Knockers

Yes I admit it I am a Rockabilly girl. I love the Retro Vintage look and so I have a love of Knockers... plus, hello, the name is Knockers! and everyone loves a good set of Knockers!!!
So I delved into my inventory and pulled some new and some old outfits, shoes and skin.
The New Mainstore in world is here ..::Knockers::.. Mainstore
and the market place store is here: Knockers on Marketplace

In ALL the pictures I have on:
Leo Pink Glasses and they are Free as a Grand Re-opening gift 
(located right on the counter when you walk in).

My Hair is Vintage Victory (short hair) which is on the marketplace for $150L. Each color includes 4 different colored flowers and 1 hair without a flower. The long hair is called Punkabilly Diva Hair. I show each color in the Shades of Red pack. It is $200L. Including 5 colors of rigged mesh hair, matching hair bases, standard and boobie friendly versions.

I am also wearing the Oceanie Skin (Beachy) in Tone 6.  The skin is $950L. It includes 6 skin tones, 1 make-up option (beachy), 4 brow shapers, 4 brow shades, 2 cleavages, eyes, modifiable shape, Slink hand & feet appliers, Tango appliers, Phat Azz Appliers, and WOWMEH Appliers.

Rockabilly Bow Peeps in Polka Dot (Rare).... These are an old Gatcha Item and are for Slink High Feet ONLY.

This outfit is Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A Swimsuit. It is the August group gift. The group is currently free to join. This includes the system texture clothing, Tango and Phat Azz Appliers.

This outfit is the Demure Drama Dress in Pinkie Dots. This color was a group gift exclusive. However she has this dress for $150L each in 11 different patterns. It includes a mesh dress in 5 standard sizes and the lolas applier.

The next is the SugarDoll Dress (Skellington Edition). This is a favorite, but I do love Jack! This dress is 8 dresses in 1! It is $250L. Included is 5 standard sizes of mesh dress, SugarDoll Dress Hud with 8 textures and 8 Tango Appliers.

This outfit is so 50s! and is aptly named the Peggy Lee Poodle Dress. It is $200L each with 18 colors available. Included with each color is the mesh dress in 5 standard sizes and Tango Applier.

Now I have 2 more outfits that I had to share. Sadly, they are no longer available. But they are adorable!
The first is the Minnie Dress.

The second is the Jane Doe Pencil Dress.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Que Bella! and E C R U

Today has some awesome deals. 
First is a fav store of mine, Que Bella. Their group costs $50L to join and they have 21... yes 21 Group Gifts. So soooo well worth the money. QB also has a very unique Hud called the Mega Applier Hud (Boobs and Booty). This Hud is simply awesome. It has all these appliers in one Hud....  Lolas, VString, iBoob, Lush, BBusty, Eboobs, Mused, Phat/Cute Azz (pant and undie), Brazilia Butt (pant and undie), Perfect Bum (pant and undie), Ghetto Booty (pant and undie), Wideloads (pant and undie) and 9s (pant and undie). 
Next is from looking through all my weekend deals I found a great new shoe store! Even when not on sale their shoes are reasonably priced!

The outfit is from Que Bella! This is Tantalizing in Baby Blue. You can not get this color any longer but she has 7 colors each are $169L or the fatpack is $999L. Included with each outfit are all standard SL clothing layers, Stocking Applier for Slink, WOWMEH Applier, and QB's Mega Applier Hud.
You can find this in world here Que Bella!

The Shoes.... Called Discipline Stillettos from E C R U are $60L per 8 color set or $100L for all 16 colors. The Colors are all Hud Driven. These Shoes are for Slink High Feet Only.
You can find them in world here at E C R U.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knockers Grand Re-Opening!

Today was the Grand Re-Opening of my absolute favorite Vintage & Rockabilly store on the SL Grid, Knockers! So to give a full come back to me and to also also launch the Re-Opening here are some awesome pictures of some of their amazing Fashions, Skin, Shoes and Hair from the party plus a couple extras!
Go visit and buy some cool stuff in world here at 

Going to start with a cute outfit and skin:
The outfit: Hellooo Boysss! It is 150L and includes Ruffled Mesh Top (5 standard sizes and 1 fitted mesh), Halter Texture Top, Tango Applier for Halter, Mesh Ruffle Skirt (5 standard sizes and 1 fitted mesh), Heels for Slink High Feet ONLY, Hat and Travel Bag.

The Skin: Queenie Rae Retro. I am wearing the Retro Cocoa. It is 400L and includes 6 skin tones, 2 make-up options (retro and bare), 4 brow shapes, 4 brow shades, 2 cleavages, eyelashes, eyes, modifiable shape, Slink hand & feet appliers, Tango appliers, Phat Azz appliers, and WOWMEH appliers.

And pictures of the party!

Hard Rust aka The Sleaze King, the infamous owner of Hard Alley... Second Life's Original Sin.

The fabulous Dita Lamour (Ditalamour), owner of Knockers.

The beautiful irrie Calael (irrie.ember), owner of Dolphin Bay... a 50's Town and  irrie's Dollhouse & Paperflowers Graphics.

Me, Head to toe in Knocker's fashion, shoes, skin and hair.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Baaaaack! and I found a New Store!

Hello Everyone!!!! I know it has been forever since I have updated anything on the blog. I had reality take a big bite out of my ass and keep me offline for waaaay too long. I know I said it before, but this time it is true. I am back. Soooooo what do I do after nearly a year of being offline... SHOPPING!!!!!
And boy did I find a great new store! It is called Dark Salvation. The owner is Salvation Oxygen. She is as adorable as her clothes are. And let me tell you this woman has jaw dropping prices.
Her clothing all includes appliers for Tangos and Phat Azz.... Now I have to be different and I had to go and get the Ghetto Booty and I am in love with it. For now those who have the Ghetto Booty can use the Phat Azz appliers with minor editing knowledge. Now back to these super steals!!!

**Reminder unlike the porn blog my sis and I also do, this blog will have very very minimal editing. I, myself, will be trying to stay true to only cropping the photo and adding the logo and signature. This isn't about how well we can edit... this is about how the clothes and products truly look**

This first adorable half tee is call Orgasm Donor and is a free gift!

This adorable little outfit is on a 25L promo special located to the left inside the front door.

Next is a bunch of adorable half tees at 25L each!

Then I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that this adorable top, pair of jeans and each piece of the skull bikini were only 5L!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

As promised all items from Knockers at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair going from now until the 23rd.... 
A special thank you going out to my sl hubby, Logan, for dressing up and being photographed. 
Special thanks again to  irrie Langer (irrie.ember) the owner of  Dolphin Bay for letting us shoot the last 4 shots there.
And an extra special thank you thank you thank you to Emilie Muggins the Stepford Sheriff/Manager and all the residents of this quaint little town for welcoming us and allowing us to shoot there. The town is simply adorable and has some amazing views.... but I should warn you, this is an RP town of the much darker variety. Just be wary, if one of the residents mentions having you for dinner. Otherwise, take a trip into a darker side of SL and visit the Town of Stepford.... someplace not so innocent
As a side note... the first outfits and the town of  Stepford will be featured on our sister blog of the naughty variety , Dirty Girl Dreamz, in the next week.

The first 4 outfits are very special and absolutely adorable.... For the first time Knockers has released men's Retro & Rockabilly fashions!

Date Night - His and Hers editions.
Hers comes with Mesh Dress and 8 texture Hud, Stilettos with 8 texture Hud and 8 Tango Appliers (one for each of the textures). This is a steal at 300L!
His comes with Mesh Jscket with an 8 texture Hud, Mesh Shirt with Tie with an 8 texture Hud, Mesh Pants, Socks and Dress Shoes. Sll the mesh is in the 5 standard sizes. And all the textures match the Hers. This is an awesome deal for only 350L.

Next up are 3 James Dean Rebel style looks for him and her.
Rockabilly University Bolero Jacket for her is an adorable long sleeve half cut jacket in 8 colors and it doesn't need appliers as it sits around the mesh boobs! This cutie comes with the 100% Mesh Jacket with 8 texture Hud for 350L.
SkeleGrip Bodice for her comes with 5 standard size Mesh Bodices with an 8 texture Hud and 8 tango appliers. This is the most adorable little outfit and I love it! It is a great deal for 350L.
Greaser for him is a 100% Mesh Jacket in 5 standard sizes. The quality and detail is a wonder that any man would enjoy. This jacket is a dream at 350L.

Nautical Pinup comes with 2 tops (bow and no bow). 2 Pants (anchor and no anchor) Tango and Phat Azz appliers and a Hat (not shown) all for 150L!

The Donna in Cherries comes with 6 standard sizes of Mesh Dress and Tango applier for 150L.
Also this month's group gift is The Donna in Moustache!!!