Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Impossible Astronaught or The Day The Silence Falls - A Day for All Whovians!

For all those fellow Whovians out there you know April 23rd is The Day of the Impoosible Astronaught or The Day the Silence Falls...
To commemorate this I posed with my beautiful SL daughter, Đӓʜℓïα Ðαggєя мøøηßєαм (akane.waffle). 
Enjoy and remember Keep a pen handy!

And we have some great Whovian stuff!

Tardis Mini Dress is from Kelli Creations. It is 75L. It has system layers plus Omega and Maitreya Appliers! You can get it at Kelli Creations Mainstore

Inconceivable Cosmonaut Lines from Cherry Candy. Thay are only $39L! This Tattoo comes with 7 system layer options, SLINK Physique and Omega Appliers.... and for those that may be blonde like me... the SLINK Pysiqu Applier... if you hit the body Applier it will apply it to your SLINK hands and feet even if you don't have the body. You can get this and many other fun things at the Cherry Candy Store on Marketplace.

Dr. Who TARDIS Boots are from Orgazm Inc. They are for SLINK High Feet. They will be available at Orgazm Inc. Marketplace Store soon!

Exclusively in the Wayward Hunt going on from April 17th - May 1st....
No More Cuffs from Wimey. They come in 4 colors. And are free for the hunt! Get down to the Wimey Mainstore before they are gone!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Freaky Friday's Sponsored by Beauty is Pain

Freaky Friday's for 4/17- 4/23!!!!
These awesome things are some of the items available at Freaky Friday's sponsored by the amazing Beauty is Pain! As always everything at Freaky Friday's is $69L!
Stop down to Freaky Friday's

WeNDY Outfit in White by Go*Diva. Includes System Layers, Belleza, Brazilia Doll, Lolas, Maitreya, Omega, Slink, TMP, Wowmeh, and Ass appliers.

Fuck Me Ankle Boots in Bubblegum for SLINK High Feet from Beauty is Pain... Other colors on sale are Yellow, Red, Purple, Hot Pink, Orange, Mint, Lime, and Pure. There are other colors not on sale... Look Below

Ultra Teddy in Black from Bish Wett. Includes System Layers and Omega applier.

Fuck Me Ankle Boots in Grey for SLINK High Feet from Beauty is Pain. These are avialable at Beauty is Pain Mainstore. The other available colors are Blue, Black, and Aqua. They are $400L each. So those on sale are a good deal.... grab them while you can!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

My New Look with Seddy's Creations @ Quick Like a Bunny Cart Sale

Yes I have a new look... I have been fighting it for so long. I have been waioting for one particular mesh body's release... well I could not wait any longer... I bought the Maitreya. And I love it! So these are the first pictures of me with my mesh body. I use SLINK hands and feet with it. I prefer them over the ones from Maitreya. Which that is another thing... how wonderful is the new SLINK update?!?!?! I am loving that one. As always these photos are only cropped with no edit so you can see everything as it looks. I hope everyone enjoys!

Seddy's Creations New Mainstore is one of my favorite places and they are at the Quick Like a Bunny Cart Sale going from now until the 15th. 
You can hop over and get these great deals from Seddy's Creations @ Quick Like a Bunny Cart Sale.

SC Blue Crochet Knit Busty Mesh Halter Dress for L$99. There are 3 other styles available. All are Exclusive to the event. Included with dresses are:
7 sizes, and they are for bustier girls. Included is a fitmesh version and one for wider hips. I am wearing the fitted mesh version which works amazing for my big butt!

Exclusive Side Hunt Item:   L$2   Looking for a bunny
SC Exclusive Spring Meadows Slink Nail Set.. 8 different styles in the HUD.

An oldie but goodie! L$149. SC Deceit Pumps Light Blue. White and Pink also at the sale. Slink high feet only. Comes with rigged mesh pair and separate pair. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

I am BAAAACK and I got some amazing stuff from Beauty is Pain!

It has been way to long... but now I am back! And of course I need to start with awesome stuff from the 50 Shades of Lust Fair! These are all exclusives from Beauty is Pain.
Here is your taxi to Beauty is Pain @ 50 Shades of Lust

 Full Fishnet Bodysuit is $175L. There are 6 colors to choose from. Omega appl;iers and system layers included.

These are the Fuck Me Ankle Boots. They are for SLINK High Feet only. They are mesh and come with 2 colors Black and Red heeled. All for $350L.

All Exposed Set is $135L. System layers and Omega applier included.

These little beauties are at the Beauty is Pain Mainstore. They are the Contrast Color Peep-toes in Blue. There are 13 colors available and are $300L for SLINK high feet. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Twisted Hunt and Erotigacha from Seddy's Creations

Twisted Hunt begins March 5th and goes til April 5th. 
As always, the wonderful spinning cube of madness will be moving about the store, but always within 20 meters of the landing point. For hints to it's location join the Twisted Hunt group in world.
These are the amazing gifts you will be getting if you can locate that devilish cube. There is also a great eyes gacha for $25L a try!
You can also start out at the Twisted Hunt Home.

Prize for Him

Prize for Her (no appliers)

Twisted Hunt Gacha $25L a try.

Erotigacha is back March 6th through the 21st at Hard Alley's Retroville!

These awesome little halters are Busty friendly and only $50L a try!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Posts are coming

Apologies to everyone. I have been sick and having issues with my hands. So had to take a couple weeks off. I hope to be blogging by weeks end, at the latest monday the 10th. 
Thanx for understanding and keep shopping for amazing clothes....

Also, I am going to be taking the photos of many of those fitted mesh boobs soon. so you can all judge for yourself!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sexy Stuff on Sale!

Some amazing things all at discounted prices! Plus I found out that outside the HighRize Mainstore there are some awesome posers to take pictures of yourself or with friends. All the pictures below were taken there :)

The Mindy Bodysuit in Lime is $69L. It includes system layers and all major appliers. You can find it til tomorrow inworld at Beauty is Pain @ Freaky Fridays.

The Ripped Top in Black is $69L and comes with system layers and tango appliers with covered and non covered nipples. It is available at Lumiere @ Freaky Fridays.
Belted Highwaist Jeans in Pink are $50L. They come with the system layers and appliers for all the major butts and bodies. They can be found in world at HighRize @ The $50L Yard Sale.

The Unzip Me Stilettos in Creature Feature (top 2 pictures) for SLINK High feet and the Deceit pumps in Kiss Me (bottom photo) for SLINK High Feet are both $149L and can be found at Seddy's Creations Mainstore.

Creature Feature

 Kiss Me