Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm Back and Bringing You Beauty is Pain!

I am finally moved and back online and that means time for blogging! 

And it is time for Freaky Fridays! This round is almost over, but I had to share this awesome catsuit from Beauty is Pain! As you all know freaky fridays is a $69L event and all the items are fabulous and drastically reduced from mainstore pricing. So get over there so you can get this and many other awesome things before it ends tomorrow! 
Run down to Freaky Fridays!

Sexme Catsuit in Pink from Beauty is Pain. Avaialable in 5 colors. It comes with system layers and omega appliers. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Freaky Fridays Featuring Beauty is Pain, VIBE, Busty Boutique & C R Designz

It is time for Freaky Fridays again. For those who have not read the blog or heard of it EVERYTHING here is $69L from some of the most amazing designers. Today I am featuring 4 different designers outfits all available until the 11th at Freaky Fridays.

Come to Bed Negligee in Pink from Beauty is Pain. Available in 7 colors. Each includes 2 different Neglige's... One is sheer the other solid. Includes System Layers, Omega Aplliers and Mesh Insert

Miss Nilla Ethnic Lingerie in Black from VIBE. Available in 4 colors. Each includes System Layers and Omega Appliers.

Sunset lingerie in blue from Busty Boutique. Available in 3 colors. Includes System Layers, SLINK Physique, Omega and Tango Appliers. *FYI with this you need to use the Tango Applier for any breasts... I uses the Maitreya body with Sinful Needs Breasts. The body uses the Omega and the breasts I have to use the Tango instead of the Omega*

Xplicitly Yours in SnowWhite from CR Designz. Available in 4 colors/designs. Includes System Layers, Mesh Panel and Omega Hud.

Heels Happy in color 1 from Shan! avialable in 5 different designs for $50L. These are for SLINK High Feet. They can be found at Shan! Mainstore.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Indulgence BDSM& Kink Fair with Que Bella!

All I can say is this outfit is smokin hott! I love Que Bella! anyway but I am in love with this especially. Who doesn't love latex and fishnets? So with all that said.... Indulgence BDSM& Kink Fair is great and there may be more from there for me to blog... don't know yet. The fair goes from June 1st to the 30th so go down at get this at Que Bella! @ Indulgence BDSM& Kink Fair

Bad Girl in Pink an Indulgence BDSM& Kink Fair Exclusive from Que Bella! All 6 colors are 50% off for the duration of the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair making them $75L or the Fatpack for $449L. Includes 2 styles bodysuit with fishnets &  without, Omega Applier,  TMP Applier has both bodysuit styles in one HUD & one for just the foot stocking, and SLINK Physique. Reminder SLINK Physique HUD with stockings is the one you use to apply stockings to your SLINK feet.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Premier Blogger Post for Que Bella!

I am so priveledge to have been selected to blog for Que Bella! ιѕѕуρυтα đєℓ яισ (issybella.quintessa) is an awesome creator and designer. She has some of the best customer service on the grid. Her store offers a cool group that costs $50L to join, but oh soooo worth it for she  has sweet monthly group gifties!!!!!. She is always coming up with something new and innovative and part of so many different events. Today I am gonna tell you about her adorable outfit at Lubbly Jubblies found on the Cleavage sim. The Event runs from May 15th to June 13th!! So hurry down!
You also want to check out Que Bella! Mainstore.

I also want to thank my beautiful Sisserwife (SL Sisser, RL future wife), ღ мєgђαη мøøηßєαм ღ (meghanrochelle), for posing with me. 

On Me.... The Shockingly Red hair:
Cool Chick in Green from Que Bella! This is at Lubbly Jubblies @ Cleavage. It comes in 5 colors with Polo Short, Shorts & Socks all fort $159L.  Includes system layers, Omega has 2 Appliers (shorts&shirt in one and socks in the other), TMP 2 Appliers  (one for outfit and one for the foot stocking), and SLINK Physique. Reminder SLINK Physique HUD for Socks is the one you use to apply atockings to your SLINK feet.

Enchanted Platforms in Peach from Moonbeam Menagerie available in 9 colors. These are for SLINK High feet and are $210L. Coming Soon to Moonbeam Menagerie on Marketplace.

On Meghan... The Darker hair:
Cute Crop Bitch Black from F'n'Hawt is $150L and includes System Layers, Omega, Tango, Lena, Perfect, Brazilia, WowMeh, Belleza, SLINK Physique and TMP Appliers. You can find it at F'n'Hawt on Marketplace.

The shorts are from the Hot & Spicy Series - Innocent? Laced Outfit (2015) from NyDesign is $180L on marketplace. The is is a full outfit that comes with, Belly Chain, Chained Bracelets, 3 versions of the shirt, system layers, TMP, SLINK Physique, Omega, WowMeh, KL Lena Lush, Brazilia Doll Appliers plus Appliers for all major bottoms and tops. You can get them at NyDesign on Marketplace.

Pushed to the side Panties from The Shoe Girl for $169L on marketplace. Includes 10 colors with TMP, SLINK Physique and Omega appliers. You can find it at The Shoe Girl on Marketplace

Manala Heels from Enelya's Créations more commonly known as EC. These are for SLINK High Feet and are $150L on marketplace. These are HUD controlled color change shoes with 72 colors/styles for the Shoe, 44 colors/styles for the Heels, and 44 colors/styles for the Sole. You can get them at EC on Marketplace.

The EC Ad to show all the HUD options.

Friday, May 22, 2015

This Weeks Freaky Fridays is OPEN!!!!


Beauty is Pain at Beach Bums Affair

Beach Bums Affair is a super sexy summer beach themed event that lasts until May 31st. And of course one of my absolute favorite stores, Beauty is Pain, is a part of it. You gotta check out these super sexy outfits, boots and Hater Blocker Shades! Head down to Beauty is Pain @ Beach Bums now!

Netted Sting Bikini in Pink from Beauty is Pain available in 7 colors for $100L. Includes system layers and Omega appliers.

Hater Blockers in Pink Translucent from Beauty is Pain available in 9 colors for $150L. Includes both Translucent and Solid styles.

Legit Whore Boots for SLINK High feet in Pink from Beauty is Pain availble in 8 colors for $250L. 

Sexy Print 2 Piece in Lime from Beauty is Pain available in 6 colors for $100L. Includes system layers and Omega appliers.

Hater Blockers in Lime Solid from Beauty is Pain available in 9 colors for $150L. Includes both Translucent and Solid styles

Legit Whore Boots for SLINK High feet in Lime from Beauty is Pain availble in 8 colors for $250L.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Freaky Fridays and Fi*Fridays!

As every week there is a new round of Freaky Fridays and we have some awesome stuff this round! Now I am personally not a real big fan of bags in SL... however this bag from Beauty is Pain is a MUST have! The quality and amount of detail is fabulous. As always everything at Freaky Fridays is $69L. All this is available until Thursday May 21st.
So run down and bring your wallet to Freaky Fridays.

Now. I am not an official Blogger for this event , but I love it. It is called Fi*Fridays. Everything is $55L. They have multiple different stores and cover everything! The have furniture clothing for women and men, hair. poses, tattoos, jewelry, and of course SHOES! They are a Bi monthly event (so every 2 weeks). This round runs until May 27th!
So come on down ad take a look at Fi*Fridays

Photos taken with permission from the adorable owner, JAE BAE (ffffyou), at Rocky Valley High. In their own words, "The Best Naughty side of High School! High School themed roleplay sim. 18+  beach, church, town, schoolgirl, movie, massage parlor, diner, police station, and medical office, sex, teen. No Child Avi's or Furries!" In my words... it is amazing. They have such high quality things and a gorgeous sim. Even if you just want to see for yourself it is worth the trip. You can find them online  at Rocky Valley Online Site and in 

Bad Bitch Tote Bag in Red from Beauty is Pain comes in 7 different colors. It includes a bag with pose and one without.

BookSlut in Red from Xxxtasi comes in4 different colors. It includes system layers, mesh prim in 5 sizes, Omega, SLINK and TMP appliers.

Glynne Heels from EMPORIUM are for SLINK High Feet and come with a 10 texture change HUD. You can find these currently at Fi*Fridays

Ad by EMPORIUM showing the texture HUD