Thursday, September 25, 2014

WinTeRwooD @ The Promenade

Winterwood is a store that is new to me. How did I hear about them... the Promenade! I got their box and opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to find boobie girl clothes!!! So I went over to their mainstore and found they have adorable outfits! Not everything has boobie appliers, but a lot of their stuff does. They do not have butt appliers as I could tell but use a lot of mesh bottoms.

First is the Group gift. The Group is free to join.
The Elise Bodysuit in Lilac includes system layers and tango applier. 
You can find this inworld at WinTeRwooD Designs

Now for this sexy dress made for The Promenade Gachas.
This is the DejaVu Dress in the C1 Rare. These are a low $75L per try as with all Gachas they are no copy and transferrable! This includes a mesh dress in 5 standard sizes plus 1 fitted mesh, and Tango applier.
You can find them at WinTeRwooD Designs @ The Promenade

All the available colors... 6 Common and 2 Rares.

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