Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Irrie's Dollhouse & The Promenade

Today's blog is something cool and a bit different. I am going to be doing some things a little out of the normal comfort zone and seeing what people think. Not only am I going to blog clothes and all the stuff women love, but I am going to bring in some of those other items I enjoy too. Everything from home furnishings to poses to more accessories will be included with the clothing.
So to start off this is an adorable little bettie I have known for a year. You have seen her name pop up on the blog before as she is the owner of Dolphin Bay where I do some of my vintage 50's shoots, the fabulous irrie (irrie.ember). Irrie is so vintage you would swear you were in the 1950's just being near her! I love it!! She has an adorable store too called Irrie's Dollhouse. She has tons of vintage furniture and textures plus some vintage clothing (if we could have her do appliers.. hint hint... would be even better for the buxom among us).
Come check out the inworld mainstore at Irrie's Dollhouse - Vintage Shopping.

Now along with her mainstore there is an event coming up, The Promenade, that she is involved with. I, also,  have the privilege of blogging for the event. YAY! The Promenade starts October 1, 2014.  This is a Gacha event and looks fantastic! As one of their bloggers, I am getting special advanced looks at the stuff they are going to have. I will be sharing some awesome things for you to get!
A little about the event from one of the creators (an all around awesome person who has great taste in TV shows by the way), Jade Jiagu (jadeilyn) :
my self (Jadeilyn) and co-owner Allie Jiagu (alanie) are a mother daughter team. Both of us have been in SL about 8 years each, of course on different avi's along the way. We are both store owners, and designers have managed stores, malls and clubs as well as owning our own clubs at one point and time. Both of us have been host in the past and have a vast knowledge of sl experience. We started this new venture together out of our love for gacha's and the enjoyment of doing something together as a team. We want to bring some well known and loved stores to our event, but we also understand that many events only concentrates on those stores. We both agreed we do not want to do this, we both know there are so many hidden jewels out there, stores that have not been discovered by everyone yet, and stores that just want a chance to shine and show everyone what they can do. So we are proud to say we will bring you a lot of these hidden little not so well known stores to you, ones we hope every one will fall in love with.
October 1st it opens inworld at The Promenade Shopping.

So let's start this off right with a blog all about the stuff from Irrie's Dollhouse!

First are some great gifts at the mainstore!

In this photo are some of the awesome free things from Irrie's Dollhouse mainstore. 
The first 2 are group gifts. The group is absolutely free to join.
The first Item is the Vintage Curio Cabinet in Rose. This is a high quality Mesh cabinet with working door, is copiable and is only 2 prims.
The second is the Vintage Rocking Stool in Scarlet. This is high quality Mesh, 4 Sit Poses, 5 Vintage Colors,  Rocking Motion, copiable, and is only 4 prims.

*the dress and lunch pail are down below*

The open chest to the left in Brown is actually the box for the dress. I thought it was great! It is only 3 Prims.
The closed chest to the right in Flowers is actually the box for the Gacha lunchpail. This one actually opens and closes and it is only 3 Prims.

Apologies busty ladies this dress has no applier. 
The Rita Dress is free upstairs. It comes with 5 color options for shirt and bow, mesh shrug in 4 standard sizes and mesh skirt in 4 standard sizes.

Now the absolutely adorable accessory exclusively at The Promenade!
This is the Vintage Lunch Pail in Coral. It is high quality mesh and just adorable. The permissions are no copy, no mod. You can get one of these in the Gacha for $75L.

Below are all the available Lunch Pails

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