Thursday, May 5, 2016

Irrie's Dollhouse is at the Gacha Garden!!!!

Irrie's is at the Gacha Garden! Gacha Garden is an awesome event with many wonderful designers. As with all Gachas you never know which one you will get for sure... but here there is something special called the Seed of Inspiration. The Seed of Inspiration is one special prize and can only be gotten if you play the Gacha 20 times! After you do it is automatically delivered to you within a minute!! Just another reason you want to go there!... Trust me I have already been there and bought tons of stuff!

Vintage Circus Time
~ L$60 per try ~
~ 100% Original Mesh ~
~ 6 Commons and 1 Rare ~
Dollhouse Circus Wagon (not pictured)
~ 100% Original Mesh ~
~ ULTRA RARE Seed of Inspiration ~

From Left to Right:
Kiss Me Booth (RARE)
Circus Ball
Funhouse Mirror
Circus Platform
Circus Ticket Booth
Sleep Over Circus Tent

Kiss Me Booth with Animated Kiss Pose is the Rare. (photo edited... I want to thank my friend, mikeoflegend (legendofmike), for giving me a kiss in the booth.)
Circus Platform has 5 poses and is a common. Below are all the poses. This is Pose 1 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 2 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 3 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 4 of 5. (photo edited)
Circus Platform Pose 5 of 5. (photo edited)

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