Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Something New at the Gacha Good Event

Gonna Warn you this is quite a LONG post.... but it is REALLY REALLY Worth scrolling through EVERY Pose. Sami and I just could not decide form all the fabulous things that were being released at Gacha Good Event by Something New Props N Poses! SOOOO we had to show you each and EVERY one! So here are all 16 fantabulous poses!!!!
**Make sure you make it to the end we have included something to make you laugh**

 My Dance is a set of 3 Exclusive Poses for L$100.
Above: May Dance 1 of 3 (Exclusive)
 My Dance 2 of 3 (Exclusive)
 My Dance 3 of 3 (Exclusive)
 Balancing Trapeze is a Gacha Good Exclusive Pose for L$75.
Lover's Trapeze is a Gacha Good Exclusive Pose for L$100. 
I want to thank my friend, Şαm Ɗrαgσηsσuℓ (motleyforever), for taking time out of his schedule to pose with me.
 Under the Weather is a Gacha Good Event Gacha Exclusive. It is L$50 a try with 4 commons and 1 Rare. 
Above: Under the Weather 1 of 5 (Common)
 Under the Weather 2 of 5 (Common)
 Under the Weather 3 of 5 (Common)
Under the Weather 4 of 5 (Common)
Under the Weather 5 of 5 (Rare).
We wish to thank our friend, Mr. Jackson (jackson1973), for posing for us.
Karate is a Gacha Good Event Exclusive Gacha. They are L$50 a pull. There are 4 Commons and 1 Rare.
Above: Step Through (Common)

**Sweet Demi takes action and attacks Sami telling her she is just rude**
 Karate Fend (Common)

**Thugalicious Sami laughs it off with a quick block. She prepares for her own attack**
Front Kick (Common)

**Sami moves fast with a rough front kick**
 Karate Stance (Common)

**Demi dodges Sami's Attack and prepares for the next one.**
What Did You Say? (Rare)

**Demi yells at Sami "It's Not my fault that when I was a baby I was dropped in a box of GLITTER and I've been shining ever since." Sami just Laughs as she lays out a kick that connects pointing her finger at Demi on the ground "I'm not RUDE, I just speak what everyone else hasn't the BALLS to say!"

Hope you all enjoyed our little story!

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