Thursday, April 28, 2016

Paint Party with Friends and Something New and Something Erotic Props n Poses

So, I've been loving the new poses coming from Something New and Something Erotic Props n Poses and wanted to do something..well new for this post. So I invited a few friends over to play around with the poses and their cameras to see what we could come up. I really liked being able to do this because I feel like the average SL citizen doesn't realize how much fun can be had behind the camera. I know for the longest time I didn't take photos because I didn't feel like I was "good at it". So with this series 1 photo is by myself, 1 was done by Mr. Jackson(jackson1973) who is a regular in the SL erotic photo world and the other 3 were friends of mine that have talent but don't consider themselves professional photographers. I hope these shots so how much fun can be had with minimal skill, great poses and LOTS of creativity. I hope you enjoy, I know I had a blast.

So the first of these is my own shot. I used the pose "Tempting" while in my garden. I played around with windlight settings. There is no post editing except to place my tag. All of it was created with the natural settings found in your Quick Preferences on the Firestorm Viewer. I am by no means what I would call a "professional". I normally use poses and camera angles to highlight various parts of an outfit, so this is quite new for me as well.


My friend Mr Jackson(jackson1973) and I were goofing around in my garden as well. He likes to call me "Half Pint" since I'm so short. Personally, I think that friendship really showed through in his photo using "PiggyBack". It's a very sweet and fun pose, can be as innocent or romantic as you desire. Playing with windlights, shadows and outfits can really change the vibe. He used a few tweaks, like gaussian blur and minimal editing in photoshop to make the colors POP.

This beautiful shot was done by my friend EmiliaGrace88 and lemme tell you she likes to go for the sensual with a touch of naughtiness. Ems chose to use the pose "His Glass of Wine," an an exclusive at Something Erotic Props n Poses @ 50 Shades of Lust Fair 2, with the basic FS windlights but darkened and blurred the image using a web based program similar to photoshop. It gave the photo a darker aura, almost like a painting

 Ems brought over her friend Jason(curseofthelaurel) to join in the fun. Jason did a straight shot, no windlights, no editting, just a plain simple photo using the pose "Poised". I find the simple elegance quite lovely actually.

 Now I have to be honest, this last example by my friend Trix(saolgodeo) is absolutely one of my favorites. "Lost in Thought" is the pose used and Trixie used a combination of windlight settings, phototools and photoshop to render her final image. There is a deep sensuality that leaps from the photo, the brighter fabric contrasting with the darker image...

Well I hope you guys had as much as we did. While normally I would link in information about my outfits and hair, I think I'll keep these to myself this time and let you simply enjoy the art. You can find Something New Props n Poses at the following locations:

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