Thursday, May 12, 2016

Black Haus at The Showroom!

Black Haus has a cool cell phone Gacha called Celphie for L$99 a try at The Showroom until May 16th. So run run run and grab one or two or try for all 13!. There are 7 Commons and 6 Rares and I have all the pictures to share!

Celphie 1 RARE

Celphie 2 RARE
Celphie 3 RARE

Celphie 4 RARE

Celphie 5 RARE

Celphie 6 RARE

Celphie 7 Common

Celphie 8 Common

Celphie 9 Common

Celphie 10 Common

Celphie 11 Common

Celphie 12 Common

Celphie 13 Common

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