Sunday, April 24, 2016

Back in Action with Black Haus featuring Something New & Something Erotic Props n Poses!

My apologies for the long delay. RL managed to capture me for awhile. But now back to what I love doing... Bringing you amazing things. And this is one of the best things....
We are now Blogging for Something New Props n Poses as well as it's sister company Something Erotic Props n Poses!
This is something we love to do. Blog for our favorite people! Be it clothing, like Black Haus & Knockers; household items, like Irrie's Dollhouse & Michigan Shack; or Props & Poses, like Something New, Something Erotic & Dirty Little Girl Poses. We love doing this and showing you what we find! Now enough of me blabbing and on to the awesome stuffies!!!!!!

Oh I think I forgot to mention the super sexy man who I got to pose with me... Meet Dante Ravenheart (pergatore.ravenheart)! Thank you Darlin for doing this for me!
Let's start with him:
Body: Deluxe Male Body from The Mesh Project. It is L$5000 turned into $5000 Credit. *you must purchase the credits with L$s to buy things at TMP* The Body has 2 tattoo layers and 1 clothing layer. Included in the box is the body, alpha HUD, alpha presets, 36 skin tones, and bonus skins. You can find this and the female version at The Shops! (BETA).
Hair: PROWE Pack B from eXxEsS. It is L$269. It includes the hair bases, mesh hair with and without materials and HUD with 56 colors! This is an amazing price for what you get! You can find this and more for men and women at eXxEsS Mainstore.
Jacket: Mens Mesh Ryder Leather Jacket from Cold Ash. The single color is L$235 and the full pack is L$399. Both have shirt on and off options. The single color is Black Jacket and White shirt. The full pack has 6 jacket colors and 6 shirt colors. Both include 2 fitmesh sizes and 3 standard sizes (S,M,L) and all the alphas. This jacket is TMP Compatible. You can find it at COLD ASH Mainstore.
Pants: Jaw Breaker in Standard boot Black s1 from Razorblade jacket. Sadly this product is not available anymore. But they have amazing things for men and women. Go check them out at =Razorblade jacket= Mainstore.
Boots:  Felix Skull Boots from Delirium Style. They are L$210. There are 2 styles.  Leather HUD  style includes 12 leather textures for the boots, 7 stitch textures and 4 metal textures. The Deco HUD style includes 6 colored skull textures for the boots, 7 stitch textures and 4 metal textures. These are for Slink Flat Feet and are available for men and women in both styles. Box includes mesh boots and HUD. Come check out this and more for all at Delirium Style Mainstore.

Pose & Prop: Lay Close To Me from Something Erotic Props n Poses. For a limited time this New Release is 50% off making it only $L75! This is a beautiful pose with bed prop. Stop in and grab it and all the others coming.... Something Erotic Props n Poses Mainstore.

We want to thank Living Dolls Gentle Man's Club and Brothel for letting us use there sim. Sadly they are currently closed.

Pose & Prop: Sons of SL: Guarded from Something New Props n Poses. This pose is a New Release and is currently 50% off for a limited time making it only L$35!!! This prices is ridiculously low. so come down and grab it and more at Something New Props n Poses Mainstore.

Pose & Prop:Sons of SL: Waiting from Something New Props n Poses. This is for the Biker Hunt that is going on until midnight April 30th! Your Hunt Hint is: Some SOSL (Sons of SL) you would rather not know. Happy Hunting at the Mainstore.

Pose & Prop: Love Yourself from Something New Props n Poses. This is a Gacha Good April Event Exclusive for L$200. This prop has 4 poses in the chaise, has the surrounding backdrop and the hanging lights. 

Outfit: Josie Body from Black Haus. This is L$189. There are 4 different colors available. Included in the box are system layers, appliers for: Omega Maitreya and Slink Physique. You can find this at Black Haus @ 50 Shades Of Lust Fair 2.
Hair: Malia in Sunset Colors from Elikatira. There is currently a RL Moving sale going on in the store and every hair pack is L$75 and fatpacks are L$500!!!!! This is what every SL girl dreams of... Hair Sales!!! well Shoe Sales and Clothes Sales too, but you get the point. There are 8 different color packs to choose from. The sunset pack for this hair has 18 color options. So run run run down to [elikatira] Mainstore!

Boots: Snake Boots from Black Haus. They are L$189. There are 4 colors available. Included in the box are an alpha, shoebase and rigged boots for Slink High Feet. Available at Black Haus @ 50 Shades of Lust Fair 2

**I wear the Belleza body (Freya Version). I also have the EVE'olution mesh head. I have both Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to ourselves as they make our looks special and unique. My shape and Dante's are custom. Our skin, tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.**

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