Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Favorite Skin now has appliers!

I am so excited to tell you all that my all time favorite skin designer, Oceane (oceane.grumiaux), owner of Oceane Body Design has now made appliers for Tangos (reminder most tango appliers will work for updated Lush breasts also)! Her skins are photorealistic and she takes a painstaking amount of work to make sure that her skins are of the highest quality. The best thing about these appliers (besides the skin themselves) is her awesome Hud system. She actually has not just one style as the other skin designers do. There are 8 options: 2 matte versions with and without cleavage, 4 shiny options and 2 oiled up versions. Available in all 8 tans! I have been giving her input throughout the process of her making these. I am so happy to be able to show you all the available colors and styles! Each Hud is 499L and sooooo worth every penny. 2 more items that you may find a great help is she offers the nail cover gloves for prim nails for all her skins in one pack for 1L (no pesky matching needed) and probably the best of all, she offers the RGB codes to all her skins for free so you can match your prim feet and bits in a snap.
You can find these awesome skins and appliers in world here: Oceane Body Design Main Store

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