Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Round of Going Bust!

Woot woot there is another round of Going Bust at the Cleavage Sim. One of our absolute fav stores, Pink Sugah, is there with some excluvise colors on their Charming Tops!

picture by Moonie

The Charming Tops by Pink Sugah are only 49L and you get all 3 exclusive colors (blue chintz, pink roses and black roses [not shown]) they include Tango/Lush appliers.
you can find these sexy tops here: .::Pink Sugah::. @ Cleavage

***Little Note for all: Moonie and I have decided to do a lot more collaboration with our posts.  We are sisters and love to shop and pose together. As you have been seeing, we are doing a lot more photos together. She is a more experienced photographer & editor than I am. And I am better at typing out all the incidentals. Thus, for the most part, I am going to be making the posts while she is going to be doing the pictures. I will be making notations under each photo to give credit to who took it and edited it (if they are different, it will say so). I hope you enjoy the new style!***

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