Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Impertinences at Omega Tent Event

The Omega Tent Event bring us another amazing store Impertinences. Now before this I had not been there. but after this I am in love!

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Full Edit
Neige dress & scarf ( omega ) blue from Impertinences is $99L. Includes System Layers, Omega Applier, Mesh Skirt panel in 5 sizes and Mesh Scarf in 5 sizes.
 Neige oufit (short & shirt ) purple from Impertinences is $99L. This includes system layers and Omega Applier. 
Ugg Boots with Hud from Impertinences is $99L. They include Rigged shoes for Slink Flat Feet, Unrigged for non Slink, and Color Change HUD. The Boots change to 6 colors.

Sami wears the Maitreya body and I have just recently switched over to the Belleza Freya body. We both have Slink hands and feet. As always, a few items we do keep to ourselves as they make our looks special and unique. Our shapes are custom. Our skins, Tattoos, eyes, piercings, etc, if not mentioned, can always be inquired on.

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