Friday, September 25, 2015

Knockers and Irrie's Dollhouse the best of Retro Rockabilly!

In the style of the new blog. The first photo will always be a full shot with editing how I would take one otherwise. The rest are done full color with FS Original Windlight, unless otherwise specified, for optimum view of what the colors and appearance are in world. 

Today is some amazing things from my favorite Retro and Retro Rockabilly locations, Irrie's Dollhouse and Knockers!

You can find You can find all of  the textures and furnishings in world at Irrie's Dollhouse.

All Textures from Irrie's Dollhouse Are Original Handmade Textures, Seamless Design, Hi-Resolution Quality, and Full Permission. 

On the floor: Checker Tile Floor *Retro 1* Pack featuring Checker Tile *Retro 1* Mint by Irrie's Dollhouse for $89L. Includes 11 Vintage Colors.

On the walls: Walls *Celestial Night & Day* Pack featuring Wall Texture *Celestial Night* Mint (right side) and Wall Texture *Celestial Night* Mint 2 (left side) by Irrie's Dollhouse for $99L. Includes 20 Textures, 10 Day & 10 Night.

50s Sofa Set *Roxanne* from Irrie's Dollhouse. Set includes 50s Bird Flock Art *Roxanne*, 50s Coffee Table *Roxanne*, 50s Lamp *Roxanne*, 50s Ottoman *Roxanne*, 50s Shelf *Roxanne*, 50s Side Table *Roxanne*, 50s Sofa *Roxanne* and 50s Sofa Set *Roxanne* HUD. There are 33 Poses without PoseBalls between the Sofa and Ottoman. The set is Copy & Resize with 17 Land Impact. The Color HUD gives the choice of 10 Lamp Colors, 11 Ottoman Colors, and 11 Sofa Colors. The completes set is only $299L.

Pola Standing from Unslutty and Undead for free a pose included in the More Movie Star Poses. I love finding deals on poses and what better deal than free. Unslutty and Undead have some great pose packs and what is better they are all free! Check them out at Unslutty and Undead on Marketplace!

The be most wonderful Retro Rockabilly Fashion Store for men and women Knockers is the place to find all the rest!

Bettified Snow Hair from Knockers is $200L per pack. This includes Hair with attached headband, Head Band HUD with 22 colors (11 solids and 11 polka dots), add on bow skull [not shown], and hair color HUD (5 colors in each HUD, 5 Different HUDs available). 

Dixie Chickafied Swing Dress from Knockers for $350L. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 standard sizes and an 8 Color Dress HUD. Sorry Ladies this one has no appliers. It does work well with Mesh bodies :)

Diabolic Soul Stilettos from Knockers is the September Group Gift. It includes shoebase and Slink High shoes! There is a $150L join fee, but it is sooo worth it... for these shoes alone, not to mention all the other wonderful group gifts you will receive. You have only a short time left to get them so get down there now!

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