Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Fab Outfit from Que Bella! and Killer Boots from Orgazm Inc!

I just can not stop finding fabulous things from Que Bella! and I have to share them, of course. 

And I always find the best stuff at Orgazm.Inc, and today is no different!

Plus, I had an amazing conversation with the owner of  Exposeur, RubyStarlight Writer. She has some of the best, most highly detailed Props with exquisite Poses that I have seen in all of Second Life. I look forward to using  more of her things in the future!

Prop & Pose: Burlesque Cage from Exposeur is $300L. This is an original Mesh Prop with 10 custom animations. Come check out this and many other sweet props at Exposeur Props Location.

Top: Tam~Biscay from Que Bella! is $129L each available in 10 colors. Includes System Layers, TMP and Omega Appliers. This Saucy top is more than what it appears. there are 2 different layers to it... the Cardigan (teal color in the photo) and Camisole (black lace in the photo, also has white lace included) can be worn together or separately. Fatpack available for $999L
*note from the creator: "Tam Cardigan can be worn 3 ways.  Alone with nipples showing or with the choice of a black or white lace cami top.  To avoid alpha clashes with your mesh bodies please make sure you wear your mask mode for your CLOTHING layer which will have the Cardigan applied on to it and the lace cami as the underwear layer not using mask mode! Hope this helps! ♥"*

Bottom: Tam Skirt~Black from Que Bella! is $49L each available in 7 colors. Includes system layers, TMP and Omega appliers, mesh insert in 5 sizes. This sexy skirt has both panty (shown) and no panty versions and lace insert (shown) and no lace. Fatpack is available for $599L.
*note from the creator: "Each Tam skirt comes with 4 styles.  with & without lace panel & with and without panty! They come with 5 rigged mesh skirts sizes xxs -l The rigged mesh skirts can't be repositioned but the texture in the skirt offsets can be moved around to line up with your mesh body! The best sizes for mesh bodies no matter what size you wear is xxs - s. System layers and appliers for Omega & TMP are included.  ENJOY! ♥"*

You can find these and so much more at Que Bella!

Hair: Diamond from Besom a former Group Gift that is no longer available. If you have not been to their store to look at hair, you are missing out. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Besom now.

Shoes: Marilyns blue boots from Orgazm.Inc are $150L a pair available in 3 colors each with it's own unique design for Slink High Feet only. Fatpack is $400L. You can find this and more amazing things at Orgazm.Inc.

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