Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patty's Day Breakfast!

Sami and I decided to sit down with some furry little friends to have a nice breakfast with some Irish Coffee for St. Patrick's Day. 

Irish Blessing from Moonie, Sami and Me:
May your day
 be touched with a bit of 
Irish Luck
brightend by a song
in your heart
and warmed with smiles
by the people you

Our Furry Friends: Lovely Kitties from Black Haus. These are holdable or can be set out. They are a GACHA. 3  commons (on the left) and 3 rares (on the right). They are $50L per try. In the Box is one Kitty. You can find them at Black Haus @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair.

Breakfast Nook: Forever Darlin Breakfast Nook from Irrie's Dollhouse. This is an Exclusive item made for the Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event that started March 13th. This is $249L.
Item details:
•  100% Original Mesh
•  14 Total Prims/Li (More when food is rezzed)
•  Serves Breakfast via Menu @ Each Seat
•  7 Wood & Table Cloth/6 Seat Textures via HUD
•  Seats 4 with 12 Animations Each (Sits + Eating)
•  Resize
•  Copy
In the box: one coalesced object (the table and 2 benches) and the color change Hud. you can get it at Irrie's Dollhouse @ Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event.

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