Friday, May 29, 2015

Premier Blogger Post for Que Bella!

I am so priveledge to have been selected to blog for Que Bella! ιѕѕуρυтα đєℓ яισ (issybella.quintessa) is an awesome creator and designer. She has some of the best customer service on the grid. Her store offers a cool group that costs $50L to join, but oh soooo worth it for she  has sweet monthly group gifties!!!!!. She is always coming up with something new and innovative and part of so many different events. Today I am gonna tell you about her adorable outfit at Lubbly Jubblies found on the Cleavage sim. The Event runs from May 15th to June 13th!! So hurry down!
You also want to check out Que Bella! Mainstore.

I also want to thank my beautiful Sisserwife (SL Sisser, RL future wife), ღ мєgђαη мøøηßєαм ღ (meghanrochelle), for posing with me. 

On Me.... The Shockingly Red hair:
Cool Chick in Green from Que Bella! This is at Lubbly Jubblies @ Cleavage. It comes in 5 colors with Polo Short, Shorts & Socks all fort $159L.  Includes system layers, Omega has 2 Appliers (shorts&shirt in one and socks in the other), TMP 2 Appliers  (one for outfit and one for the foot stocking), and SLINK Physique. Reminder SLINK Physique HUD for Socks is the one you use to apply atockings to your SLINK feet.

Enchanted Platforms in Peach from Moonbeam Menagerie available in 9 colors. These are for SLINK High feet and are $210L. Coming Soon to Moonbeam Menagerie on Marketplace.

On Meghan... The Darker hair:
Cute Crop Bitch Black from F'n'Hawt is $150L and includes System Layers, Omega, Tango, Lena, Perfect, Brazilia, WowMeh, Belleza, SLINK Physique and TMP Appliers. You can find it at F'n'Hawt on Marketplace.

The shorts are from the Hot & Spicy Series - Innocent? Laced Outfit (2015) from NyDesign is $180L on marketplace. The is is a full outfit that comes with, Belly Chain, Chained Bracelets, 3 versions of the shirt, system layers, TMP, SLINK Physique, Omega, WowMeh, KL Lena Lush, Brazilia Doll Appliers plus Appliers for all major bottoms and tops. You can get them at NyDesign on Marketplace.

Pushed to the side Panties from The Shoe Girl for $169L on marketplace. Includes 10 colors with TMP, SLINK Physique and Omega appliers. You can find it at The Shoe Girl on Marketplace

Manala Heels from Enelya's Créations more commonly known as EC. These are for SLINK High Feet and are $150L on marketplace. These are HUD controlled color change shoes with 72 colors/styles for the Shoe, 44 colors/styles for the Heels, and 44 colors/styles for the Sole. You can get them at EC on Marketplace.

The EC Ad to show all the HUD options.

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