Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OMG Ho Wear has Appliers! and DUCE has new boots coming out!

For anyone who loves amazing clothes they should know Ho Wear. Sadly until today they have not had anything for the well endowed lady. But that has changed! Ho Wear now is releasing clothes with Tango/Lush appliers. WOOT WOOT!
Why does this make me so happy? First off because she has clothes that are to die for and Well because Ho Wear has a daily special every weekday for 25Ls! Yes, only 25Ls for a brand new release in all the colors being released for 24 hours! HeidiHo Huet, the owner of Ho Wear, posts what she has out for the day on her Ho Wear Blog... But it isn't just Ho Wear. HeidiHo Huet's SL partner and RL spouse is Saint Atlas the owner of  DUCE , a simply fabulous shoe store, also throws some of her stuff up for 25Ls too. 
And speaking of Saint's fabulous shoes.... Moonie and I have been privileged to have gotten a set of boots to share with you now before they are even released! 
One last item... Moonie and I did a bunch of pics of these outfits and boots and you will be seeing a new logo featuring them as well as more pictures the day the boots have been released to the public!

The Outfit is from ..:: Ho Wear ::.. called Midnight Blossom in Purple and Pink. Charcoal and Blue are also available. This was the 25L release of the day on Monday 2/4/13. They were so cute both my sis and I had to get them all! They will be the normal price of 375Ls as of sometime in the morning hours of 2/5/13 when the new release will be out. This outfit includes appliers for Tangos/Lush, Jacket Layers of top for non boobie girls, top for boobie girls, and naughty top, panties on the pants layer, mesh stockings on the underwear layer, skirt, necklace, mouth piece for necklace, hair accessory and mask.
You can find this sexy outfit in world here: ..:: Ho Wear ::.. 25L New Release Board

The Boots are from #2::DUCE::2# called Zombie Killers in Grape and Bubblegum. These boots have NOT been released yet. Colors avaialble are also still not released. But keep your eyes posted to the Ho Wear Blog because they will be coming up there as one of the 25L features of the day on release.  The next day they will be up to their regular price of 400L. When these smexy boots are released we will make sure you all know!
Until then You can find more smexy boots and shoes at the in world store here: #2::DUCE::2#

The hair is from ALICE PROJECT called Bella with the Infinity HUD for 250L. This is a rigged mesh hair, Please try a demo first. It also comes with a flexi version and bang option.
You can find this in world here: ALICE PROJECT

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